Twinkle, Twinkle, Star: Outer Space (12)

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Lin Beixing left the marriage registration office walking the pace of six people, she can really be too happy.She has registered her marriage on Wechat, Posting her marriage certificate.Now her mobile phone has exploded, the comment section 800 people asked with who ah, but she did not reply, she did not want to let others disturb her and Zhang Wansen two people happy.Suddenly she turned round and ran to Zhang’s chest. She dragged Zhang’s face with her hands. She was so happy that she blurted out, “Zhang, am I dreaming?”Zhang Wan-sen’s mouth kept turning up. At this moment, he felt very happy, very happy. He looked at Xing Xing’s face and then pressed xing Xing’s face with his hand.”But…”Lin Beixing tilted his head, thought carefully, and said to himself, “Well, it’s true.”Then he happily took Zhang’s hand and caressed his well-boned and good-looking hand. “It’s true, your temperature is too real, but…”Lin2 bei2 xing show craftily look, pull long voice to say “Zhang Wan3 sen, later fall to my hand, small sen sen wants obediently obedient oh.””Well, my lady.””Yes.”Looking at the star, happy as a child at this time, Zhang Wansen really refreshed.He was lighter than ever, and the sky seemed bluer and higher.It seemed that as long as he was fine, his star would have no worries, so he must be very careful in the future, and not let his star worry about him any more.”Star, you go back to the unit for leave, I want to take you to spend tomorrow…Honeymoon.”Looking at Zhang Wansen, the shy also shy expression, Lin Beixing habitually chuckled, usually so shy, but to me……Looking at Lin Beixing’s face, Zhang Wansen knew that she remembered them together again…”Star, shall we go home first?”Lin Beixing saw his idea, was exposed by that guy, very angry, “Zhang Wansen, you want to be smart, what you can guess out.”He took a step in the direction of the zoo, leaving Zhang Wan Sen standing there looking at the back of the stars with a spoiled face…Because both of them had registered hukou in the same xiguan district where they went to school, they went back to the district’s marriage registry office to register their marriage.The registration office is less than a stop away from the Nanchuan Zoo, where Lin works.So they soon arrived at the principal’s office.But when we entered the house, the principal cursed, “Lin Beixing, it’s such a big thing, you keep it from me, you keep it from me, don’t tell me, even your mother.”But a see then in tall, handsome, clean boy, then immediately, before he knows the north star Lin because of emotional problems, the talks have boyfriend broke up for so many years has been the mood not up, just think isn’t just find personal married, but a see wan-sen chang, married her boy is beautiful.This, the principal rest assured, also stand up with a smile.”Lin Beixing, is this the boy you married?””Dear director, I am Zhang Wansen, the husband of Lin Beixing.””All right, young man, come and sit down.”Next, Zhang Wansen has been talking with the principal about this and that, as soon as he heard zhang Wansen is also a veterinarian without borders, he liked it very much.In addition to the two can talk about animals, life, tea art can also talk about antiques, Lin Beixing is really taken.At the end of the conversation, the two even left each other wechat, and then the principal returned Zhang Wansen to transfer 1000 yuan red envelope.This old man is really, can you tell the inside out?”Director, where is mine?””What are you?I gave it to Xiao Zhang. Isn’t that for you?Stay away.”You take it. In the future, we should be very nice to Lin Beixing, you know, because that girl is simple and still…””Director……”Mom, dad likes Zhang Wansen, even the principal also likes him.Zhang Wansen, Zhang Wansen, you are really an old man who kills many people…”Lao” is my parents and the principal, but who is “xiao”?Well, isn’t it me?But by small Sen Sen eat set, that but too happy!Thinking of this, Lin Beixing happily hugged one of Zhang’s arms with both hands, listening to zhang’s low and pleasant voice passing by her ears….The original is not easy, offenders will be prosecuted