【 Reveille 】 February 9th, good morning!Song “Praise of the Sword”

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Small “fire” companions, everyone!Today is February 9th, the ninth day of the first lunar month, Wednesday.Action is the ladder of success, the more action, the higher the.Song “Longsword praise” for everyone.Long Sword praise Lyrics: Chen Feng Composition: Chu Xingyuan Singing:Lisa YangTaiYang rising rivers JiPengPai clouds surrounded changfeng applause swords to HaoGe swings universally boundless kunlun turned abruptly short wuzhou lifted up his eyes and look at the universe opened strong our strategic rocket force majestic sweep the sun flower to open Chinese shining sword stand up again in order to a new era with the hustle up and down more than five thousand years with a piece of love jiangshan experienced the rise and fall of the Chinese Yang todayThe Grand Air stands proudly in the sky broadcast: Liu Jingyi