Little detail | large civilization watching live etiquette

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With the continuous development of network technology, citizens can not only watch programs on TV, but also watch network broadcast at any time on the mobile terminal. What civilized etiquette should be paid attention to when watching live broadcast?Today we invite you to study together.You know, official download platform software;Don’t forget to have a regular sleep schedule.Download and watch live broadcast software from officially developed and operated application platforms, read relevant clauses carefully, take live broadcast as a way of entertainment and information acquisition, arrange the watching time reasonably, work and rest regularly, and ensure sleep.You know, abide by the etiquette of bullet screen interaction;Don’t forget to work together to maintain the network environment.When watching live broadcast, observe the interactive etiquette of bullet screen, pay attention to civilized words when making comments, do not make vulgar remarks or argue with others at a distance, and jointly maintain the network environment, so that network broadcast can spread civilization as well as information.You know, wearing headphones in public;Don’t forget, keep your emotions in check.When using mobile phones, tablets and other devices to watch live broadcast in public places, you should wear headphones and try not to use the external broadcast mode. You should control your emotions while watching and pay attention to personal and property safety.You know, live shopping carefully screened;Don’t forget to spend wisely according to your needs.When watching live broadcast shopping, you should choose a formal live broadcast platform with complete licenses and good reputation. When choosing products, you should carefully screen them and consume rationally according to your personal needs. Do not blindly follow the trend and avoid massive hoarding and waste.You know, public welfare activities in detail;Don’t forget, donate love to help spread the word.Many platforms will strongly support the live streaming of public welfare activities. After clicking on the details, you can donate love for public welfare, help people get rid of poverty, boost rural revitalization, and spread positive social energy according to your own wishes.A thousand miles short step;Not small streams into rivers and seas.The details of civilization, though small, are “big little things”. Only by starting from small things can we make civilization become a trend in the whole society, and only then can civilization truly become a kind of appeal, cohesion and driving force, and then sublimate into a city’s name card, a country’s image and a nation’s spirit.