Junshan Island scenic spot: Party flag flying in snow and ice

2022-05-06 0 By

Yueyang Evening News Full media News (correspondent Li Wenwei) On February 7, 2022, after a whole winter’s anticipation, a spring snow is coming.Beautiful junshan island island, a piece of Snow White and especially enchanting, at the same time also give visitors a great safety hidden trouble, in order to ensure tourist safety, yueyang city investment group tour company deputy general manager, junshan island island scenic spot operation center secretary of the party committee, director of Lu Hongji quickly lead blew up 38 members and a staff “broken deicing snow”.Comrades with shovels, snow shovels, brooms, shovel ice, snow removal, clear roadblocks.Under the bright party flag, the comrades seemed to forget the cold weather and the biting wind, even though their hands were frozen, their faces were frozen red, their shoes and socks were soaked, scrambling and working in full swing.After nearly three hours of fighting, looking at the foot of the snow after the clean and clean channel, the comrades are happy smile.Lu concludes:”The snow ice raid, fast, wide coverage, leave no dead Angle, the effect is obvious, not only stimulated the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party branch, at the same time bear in the former, pleasure, party member’s dedication into practice, set up a good image of the banner of party members, to tourists presented snow winter jasmine, flag flies beautiful picture scroll,It has created a civilized, orderly, safe, convenient and comfortable tourism environment for tourists.”Tourists hold their children in the freshly dug snow road in the garden to look for plums