Annual leave is over, make a “New Year dish” in memory

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The year of the Tiger comes to an end.According to the yangzhou people’s custom of “18 lanterns”, the traditional “nian” is dragged as long as possible, after the 18, also want to end.Nineteen and start at twenty!This year, once again, Chinese New Year is celebrated locally.A variety of plans before the year, as the year close, all stay in the plan.Busy year, year, visiting relatives and friends, etc., painting a rest.After the year, just think of a “Chinese New Year” dish, years did not eat.I don’t know if this dish is necessary for families in Yangzhou during the Spring Festival. After I remember it, my family seems to make it every year.Every meal, with a small bowl scoop out some, pour some soy sauce, sprinkle some green garlic flower mix, the table will be more than a dish bowl.Is it to enrich life, or to look good?I’m not sure.Never asked. Just disappeared as the family’s finances improved.Cooking dazao in rural areas, the simple ingredients of this dish, it is quite troublesome to do.The coal burner is very simple, add enough to ensure that the water does not burn dry, slowly stew good.In order not to waste the candle, it will be cooked in small portions.In my impression, there are only Chinese New Year.So much for that. What is it?Boiled soybean.A little peanut occasionally.Yangzhou does not produce peanuts, their own soybeans in the countryside must be planted every year, not rare.Peanuts are much more expensive.So, how many years are boiled soy beans rarely have a few peanuts to join.Actually, I don’t like boiled beans.Cooked in original soup, no salt, no sugar.When you eat it with soy sauce, it only tastes soy sauce.Dad seemed to like it very much and ate it carefully.Maybe it’s fake, because I haven’t done it in years, and I haven’t heard him talk about it.When we ate, we had no choice.Peanuts and soybeans have a few years, like to eat a native Yangzhou kitchen fish.When waiting for a meal, the restaurant often sweet send a small dish of salted peanuts.I think it was cooked with a lot of salt.Salt is the first of all tastes.When I didn’t eat anything, I ate every last one of the salted peanuts in the little dish.I also discussed with that guy: How about boiling some peanuts?Each time it was unquestionably denied.”I’m a humble man,” he joked, dismissively, with a “meat-eater’s contempt.”I haven’t been to that store in years.Go again. It’s closed.This dish of peanuts, did not disappear with the store was forgotten, just like life hit a lot of memories, no meaning, but stubbornly forget the same.How many times to buy back peanuts, when processing suddenly no interest.Fried, boiled, not much fun if only one person can enjoy it.So much so that they don’t even want to fry them, they just eat them raw.It is said to eat several raw peanuts every day to nourish the stomach.Take care of your stomach.These days, like the idea of the unbearable gourd has been bubbling up: boiled soybeans boiled peanuts?To cook, or not to cook?Is that a problem?There is no astigmatism in exhaust gas.Do it! It’s just a bowl of boiled vegetables!Say dry dry, went to the grain store to buy a catty of soybeans, two catty peanuts.After all, peanuts give me better memories.There is no need to burn the stove or close the door.Wash the soybean peanut bubble thoroughly, put into the rice cooker, press the stew soup key, what to do what to go.As to have the feeling in those days and taste, pure individual mood.After cooking, the rice cooker is full of cooking good discovery, it is too much.Before I did it, I thought more was my childhood memory.Looking back, the old parents, no such boldness, suddenly poured into the pot three catties of things.If there were so many, you wouldn’t have to scoop a little out of each meal.Pick out a little taste, add spiced star anise and salt together cooked beans and peanuts, sweet and delicious, very delicious.Hot, with a spoon, eat a mouthful of incense.Cold, a grain a grain to eat, think of Kong Yiji “out” a few ocean, complacent “back to the word has four ways to write”.Yellow rice wine at home, no capacity, pour a little sip several times.Not satisfying, simply soak a pot of Pu ‘er zuo zhi.It’s a feast. That’s all.Divide this big dish into several portions.At the last party of the Lunar New Year, they share the dish with their younger brothers and sisters and tell them how they made the dish and ask them if they have the same memory.My brother and I are only a few years apart, but he can’t remember what used to be on the dinner table.My sisters did not know.I packed five portions and all of them said the best food for Chinese New Year is mom’s food.Not eating vegetables, eating memories, is the kind of busy when the flavor of the New Year.They don’t have my “boss” experience of being involved in every year of preparation and participation.The characteristic of disengagement is, perhaps, forgetfulness.However, they were hilarious, and everyone was happy to receive the gift and give good comments!”Cherish spring long afraid of early flowers,” do not want to have the New Year.When I was young, the years were long.Looking forward to the New Year mood, not because of economic distress and reduce.Nowadays, people have plenty of food and clothing.However, a year after year, a year after the old, only memories, leaving a lot of good.Then came an overarching idea to do subjects like pig’s head again for next year’s Annual dinner?In the countryside, the winter sun in front of the door smiling “two brothers”, how to eat up can not remember.Don’t think it’s as good as a deli.Save some memories.All realized, there is no thought.Old colleague’s painting