A mother’s letter to her son

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Since suffered the residual pain after pull out of the body before I too much trouble I was shot down the teeth to belly pharynx anymore, now I can’t swallow down stuck in my throat, I have to try very hard to of spit it I just eat the blood also want to put it into hard up I am his throat teeth is broken also want to put it into hard go out because of my psychological mood is too depressed over the yearsBefore I think I’m now, it’s an ill bird that fouls its own nest I was spared the see yourself what gave way to so I had to vomit first as fast I’m from a small village industrious guileless is influenced by parental precept good sincere is the parents to inculcate hard work and plain living is the parents’ narrative in parents’ home I accept the good family trait of the influence of the German companies sinceAfter I listened to their arranged to marry the man life is like a hang up in a few years like opened diseases is a serious illness a perhaps really is all because of the man born in gas can let me too disappointed over married later discovered what not what I’m trying to put his own life do better saved up some money to buy him a motorcycle let him rent after refitting a vieCar rental this is the mid – eighty – s is also have a profitable live I again let him learn to drive to get your driver’s license after they bought him a big start in tianjin then bought him a songhua river car then bought him a chery brand car the chery brand car is I village inside the first car but he doing the doing the credit tooMuch credit for the first time does not give the second back to family car third even 5 times the 6789 times a year in the end still do not give money results ah owe more to the outside of the pressure the more difficult it is to be the last can only be to the one below the car didn’t earn money and had no money also lost gas time no money also as a basically did well then I the diseases are disabled because of illness from the airThe son married granddaughter grandson also had an adult child is very good I also want to home and everything but I also gradually to he no longer expect the because I toil in life take care of the home is hard to make money for the family in the end but are a suit of disabled and he is do what no abandoned car rental then ask relatives to find friends to find him a light workGive the people in the village tap water for more than five years and quit from began to pension is only 55 years old he is a man that he live from day to day idle as hell is nothing a farmer it has no pension and endowment insurance of all the year round the seven or eight acres of land sold less than eight thousand dollars to hemp slip will give their deposit in the bank to the living and the way of the world with the gift of money he isA seed all do not go out tao whether the son bought or daughter-in-law bought a good meal to eat at ordinary times also do not take out a few living expenses to god!! What is this a tortoise came was a brutal and cold blooded animals I married him in my life the blessing of a day are not enjoying the ah from the faces of men feared he bear in this life I such a selfish jerk on corruption is a pig dog thing in this life never bought me a gift in my life never give me a birthdayNever in my life have I heard a word of blessing from him never in my life have I heard a word of thanks oh, my God!The earth!Me what this is built in a former life sprouts the life let I married the blind to risk my eyes is not something people don’t mention him to me or less mention him mad at point to my belly is full of gas is now I can only endure endure endure because our son and daughter-in-law granddaughter grandson together if I can only endure endure endure let nature take its course or it will give daughter-in-law how much trouble themselves with the medicineJust go eat fortunately in themselves a bit of a living expenses not he don’t eat him but he still shameless consumption with the money I I in 2006 June due to illness disabled he hadn’t long heart like a housework also don’t know he was ready to eat a dry but son daughter-in-law were not at home he was not at noon to cook when hungry when he doing mostHe cooks at one or two o ‘clock in the afternoon, even though his grandchildren are home, he doesn’t know that he makes the meals in advance and takes care of the kids. Oh, my God!The earth!He is a man I hate him I have already told my son, if one day if I go to leave this earth you must remember that I don’t buried with him by that time you put my ashes young me down the river in the river and a free if there is no sadness, no sorrow if you don’t do what I request then you are not meA son I will cry in the world I’ll be in your world more torture I have suffered too much in my life you can’t let me go to the world, then suffered physical and mental torture? Son son you listen up? Can you remember it you can don’t violate the software I only wish I live in my life too depressing too injustice too made of painYou can’t let me continue to suffer with him when I go to that world. Son, son, this is a piece of advice your mother left for you, because you are the life of your mother. Please do what your mother says and don’t go against your mother’s wishes