83.2 billion yuan!Qingyang city 227 projects concentrated construction

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In the morning of February 19, the provincial government held the mobilization meeting for the centralized commencement of major projects in the first quarter of 2022 in the province by video link, and the city set up a branch meeting in xifeng District Vision Qingyang Zero-carbon economic Industrial Park project site.After the end of the provincial meeting, the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government held the first quarter of the city’s concentrated project construction ceremony, 227 projects concentrated construction, a total investment of 83.2 billion yuan, the annual plan to complete investment of 39.67 billion yuan.Municipal Party secretary Huang Zeyuan announced the centralized construction of the project.Deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor Zhou Jijun speech.Municipal standing committee, executive vice Mayor Dong Tao presided over the commencement ceremony.City leaders Zhao Lixin, Li Longji, Zhang Weibo, Zhang Xiyue, Shi Fusheng, Hou Changming, Wu Lihua, Yang Tingzhen, MAO Wandong, Zhang Hongju, He Kui, secretary general of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress Li Zhenyu, secretary general of the municipal government Liu Xuanming attended the commencement ceremony.Zhou Jijun, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, expressed gratitude to the cadres, workers and front-line construction personnel who have made arduous efforts and positive contributions to the project construction of the city.He said that the provincial and municipal major projects in the first quarter of the concentrated groundbreaking ceremony, press the “start button” of the project war, issued the “mobilization order” of the development of a big leap.Various counties (area), various departments, the construction unit should stand “shoulder responsibility, make contributions” iron shoulders, to carry out the “two-wheel driven” “three hand in hand” “four houses to support policy decisions, control project construction of” three list “and led package catch responsibility, catch, catch big projects, actively to shoulder more responsibility, high quality and economic development in the city to contribute more.To run out of the “seize the day, fast construction” acceleration, speed up the funding allocation progress, prepare enough materials, sufficient machinery and manpower, strengthen the construction scheduling, ensure the completion of the construction task on schedule, strive to create the project construction of the “Qingyang speed”.To create a good environment of “green light and support”, continue to promote the establishment of service-oriented and efficient organizations, continue to optimize the project approval process, continue to solve difficult problems, and clear obstacles for project construction.We should set a new benchmark of “ensuring quality and building high-quality projects”, closely follow the investment policies of the state and province, plan and reserve a number of major projects, strengthen quality supervision of projects, and create high-quality projects that the people are satisfied with.We need to implement strict measures of “monitoring the front line and supervising the inspection frequently”, strengthen organizational leadership, implement the system of “weekly scheduling, ten-day supervision, monthly ranking, and seasonal observation”, and ensure that the responsibility falls to the people and is carried out to the end.After the commencement ceremony, the city leaders and enterprise leaders jointly laid the foundation for the project of qingyang zero-carbon economic industrial Park.2022 first trip, let’s go to MAO Si Village!”Qingyang city regional tourism development planning” through the evaluation of silver 100 high-speed sweet yong section through qingyang paper cutting