Woman suffers from sudden fainting on board bus driver helps to save the day

2022-05-05 0 By

On February 15, a female passenger suddenly fainted and fell on bus no. 2037, No. 333, in Wuhan. Fortunately, the driver of the bus took care of her and helped her recover and finally saved her life.According to on-board surveillance, at 9:46 am on May 15, bus no. 2037, 333 Road, stopped and opened the door at Shendun No. 3 Biological Garden Road station. A female passenger sitting at the rear of the car walked out slowly, her gait was obviously unstable, and when she reached the middle step, she suddenly fainted and fell to the ground.2037 driver Wu Yazhou, who has 25 years of driving experience, found the abnormal situation through the rearview mirror of the carriage, immediately stepped out of the cab to carefully help the female passenger, and signaled the male passenger who just got off to help help her to the seat.Wu Yazhou found that the female passenger was pale and dazed, and asked if he hadn’t eaten breakfast, and he nodded slightly.With years of bus driving experience, Wu Yazhou judged that the female passenger should be due to hypoglycemia caused by syncope.”Here, I have a candy for you to take in your mouth….”Wu Asia took out a candy from the pocket, sent to the female passenger hands.After nearly 5 minutes of rest and adjustment, the woman regained consciousness, said she was fine, and then left the car by herself.Wu Returned to the cab to continue operation.(Reporter: Luo Hui correspondent: Zhou Jin and Chen Qimin)