What is the date of Lantern Festival 2022?The origin and customs of the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival taboo

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The 2022 Lantern Festival falls on Friday, February 15, the 15th day of the first lunar month.Yuanxiao, originally meaning “the night of the Lantern Festival”, because the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month is the night to eat dumplings and enjoy the full moon, later the name of the festival has evolved into the Lantern Festival.Will continue from New Year’s Eve celebrations to another climax.The Lantern Festival, also known as little January, Yuanxi or Lantern Festival, is the first important festival after the Spring Festival.Lantern Festival customs, Chinese folk customs, customs around the country are not the same, including eating dumplings, lanterns, dragon dance, lion dance is the Lantern Festival several important folk customs.Lantern Festival is a traditional Festival in China, so it is celebrated all over the country. Most of the customs are similar, but each place still has its own characteristics.The 15th day of the first full moon of the first lunar month is called the Lantern Festival.Since ancient times, the Lantern Festival has become a favorite theme of literati because of its important cultural connotation, and the folk culture about the festival can also be seen in various excellent works.As a traditional festival for family reunion and harmony, the Lantern Festival is not allowed to kill anything on this day. If blood is seen, it represents a very ominous sign. Therefore, we must avoid killing anything in order to avoid the occurrence of financial loss and disease.Do not wash your hair because “hair” is the same word as rich hair, so if you wash your hair on the Lantern Festival, it means that you will rob your wealth. In other words, if you wash your hair on the Lantern Festival, you will not be able to save any money for the whole year.