Us adds 33 More Chinese entities to so-called “unverified list”

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On Feb. 7, the Biden administration added 33 Chinese entities to the Commerce Department’s so-called “Unverified List,” imposing new restrictions on their access to products from US exporters and requiring additional due diligence by US companies trading with them, the Associated Press reported.Most of the 33 Chinese entities are electronics companies, but they also include optical companies, a fan turbine blade company, university national laboratories and others.The “unverified list” now includes 175 Chinese entities, including Russian and United Arab Emirates entities in addition to China.Entities on the list will be subject to stricter export restrictions because THEY cannot be routinely inspected by US officials, the report said.The company said in a statement on Wednesday that the “unverified list” is not a “entity list” or “blacklist” of the United States. It has built production capacity in China and does not need to import products from the United States. The incident has no impact on the company’s business.The BUREAU of Industry and Security (BIS) of the US Department of Commerce on Thursday added 33 China-based entities to its so-called “unverified list”.Matthew Axelrod, assistant secretary of Commerce for export Enforcement, said in a statement that adding 33 Chinese entities to the list “will help U.S. exporters conduct due diligence and assess risk, and demonstrate to China the importance of its cooperation in arranging end-use inspections.”The Commerce Department is responsible for verifying some foreign companies, or “end users,” that receive goods from within the United States to ensure that they exist and are legitimate businesses, and that the products are being used for their stated purposes, the report said.An entity can be added to the “unverified list” when the US is unable to verify or verify its legitimacy.However, the entity may be removed from the list by agreeing to verify and corroborate that its operations are legitimate.The Commerce Department action reminds US exporters that they now need to obtain a license if they want to send goods to any of the companies on the list, the report said.Most of the 33 Chinese entities on the list are electronics companies, but also include optical companies, a fan turbine blade company, university national laboratories and others.The “unverified list” now includes 175 Chinese entities, including Russian and United Arab Emirates entities in addition to China.Us Commerce Secretary’s entrance photo source: Vision ChinaThe list is not “entity list”, does not affect the company’s business (Beijing time) on February 8, the medicine was added to the list Ming said in a statement, we learned that the U.S. department of commerce announced recently, Shanghai and wuxi’s two drugs biological (cayman) subsidiary will be on February 8, 2022 (Beijing time) is added to the “without checking list” of the unit,The list is not a U.S. “entity list” or “blacklist.”We believe that the main reason for the inclusion in the “unverified list” is that the US government agencies are unable to verify the end-use of the products, thus preventing US suppliers from exporting the relevant equipment.Over the past decade, Wuxi Has continued to import bioreactor hardware and a few filters from the United States.The equipment is subject to U.S. export controls, but the company has obtained approval from the Department of Commerce.Pharmacobitics will comply with all US export control regulations and will not re-export the equipment for resale to other entities — the US Department of Commerce has a routine procedure for on-site verification that companies are using their own equipment, but this procedure has not been carried out for the past two years due to the pandemic.The statement said the incident had no impact on the company’s business as the Shanghai and Wuxi companies have completed production capacity, The company does not need to purchase new reactors from the US and the filter has a global supply chain.”We welcome checks at any time to be cleared from such lists.We are also taking interim steps to remove these subsidiaries from the list pending verification.”According to the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, a senior executive of Pharaobio also said in a conference call with CITIC Construction Investment On The morning of August 8 that the “unverified list” and the “entity list” mentioned by the US at the end of last year are completely different concepts and have limited impact on the company.Public information shows that Yao Ming Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an investment holding company that mainly provides biologics discovery, development and production services.The company operates in the Chinese market as well as in North America, Europe and other overseas markets.This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.