Tianjin was stood up again, Lin was strong on defense, okafor took on Haddadi

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Patriotic basket, love CBA, I am Luo Sister, friends after watching remember to like!Tianjin team are supposed to be the first team this season with three foreign aid teams, in early November, the tianjin team is going to sign the first three foreign aid hansbrough team even help hansbrough visa and help him to buy a ticket to China, but let them not think hansbrough stood the tianjin team,He didn’t start on time because of some personal reasons to start domestic isolation, this leads to the second phase of the regular season, the tianjin team can only use the double foreign aid, and their two foreign aid are small foreign aid, burton and rochester, two people belong to which attack ability is strong, but not passing ability and foreign aid is too small,Tianjin let them play at the same time for the strength of the team is not obvious help.So a big foreign aid is an essential part of tianjin team, after he sure can’t come, tianjin team began looking for a new foreign aid, they and former NBA bucks players John heng aspects into signing intention, the news of a transfer of the tianjin team the fans excited and want to know before henson bucks performance is quite good,He has been called the bankrupt version of the NBA. Henson’s individual ability is stronger than Hansbrough’s, and Tianjin has a better chance of making the playoffs with him.Has a bad news, however, according to the well-known basketball reporter said, due to the problem of flight, henson is hard to catch up with the regular season, the third stage of the competition in tianjin team has done with the current squad to prepare all the game, they were once again stood the foreign aid, to tell the truth in the absence of henson, tianjin team want to make the playoffs difficulty is very big,At present, their distance from the 12th ranked Jilin team has 3 wins of the gap, Tianjin team basically declared farewell to the playoff contention.Only 10 games, after all, the third stage regular season, four games ahead of jilin team tianjin team want possibility is very low, and the strength of the jilin team now don’t weak, although they only a small foreign aid Jones, but Jones ability than burton and rochester is weak, but then again, henson, the tianjin team foreign aid can choose to leave,His ability to play CBA league is absolutely no problem, even if henson can not join this season, next season he is tianjin’s first choice of big foreign aid.Los elder sister think tianjin team this season in the second stage of the second half when I come to, for the fans to see the team had the opportunity to enter the playoffs, tianjin team he will think so too, so they just sign henson, a big foreign aid, it is a pity henson should be can’t on behalf of the tianjin team’s squad this season,But at least the team has given the fans hope that they want to play, through the next offseason lineup after the strengthening, the future Tianjin should be able to gradually become stronger.John henson university league during the second message about Beijing shougang team Jeremy, this season, the fans are not satisfied with his performance is, many people think of Jeremy probably still with injuries, especially in the second phase of the two games against guangsha, Jeremy’s data is very poor, he got a 0 and 2 minutes at a time.2019, Jeremy shougang team played a season in Beijing, he was performed on the offensive end is not so weak, although Jeremy also often feel is poor, but his stroke, cic percentage is still can, never thought back after two years of Jeremy offensive would be so depressed, it makes the fans disappointed.But Lin’s contribution to Beijing is not small, especially on the defensive end. Lin’s defensive ability is not weak, but now he is not as fast as he used to be, so it gives fans the impression that he is not sharp on defense, but the numbers are not deceptive.Jeremy is present when Beijing shougang team defensive efficiency higher than when he is away, and rebounding team also will be some more, perhaps this is the reason why yanni, more like to use Jeremy, compared with Gibson, Jeremy experience on the defensive end and habits are a little better, he brought the team must be on the defensive.If Lin is as weak as the fans say he is, the Beijing Ducks probably won’t use him. Yanis is an experienced coach who can see what every player can do for the team, so they just need to wait for Lin’s shooting to recover.Beijing shougang team player Jeremy third message about guangsha new foreign aid emeka okafor, the fans for his performance in the CBA league are looking forward to, because he is one of the biggest foreign aid in the league this season, the third stage at the start of the regular season, he will face the challenge of hada di two registration should be very nice.Hada di is a large established foreign aid in the CBA, although he is 37 years old this year, hada di still maintained a good competitive state, last summer when he joined the Olympic Games, on behalf of Iran in the Olympic Games, hada di is the absolute core of Iran, which he can and player for registration in the world.While okafor fans called small Duncan, conference for the NBA draft that year, his template is Duncan, emeka okafor has a very outstanding offensive technology, low from him to make the NBA draft no. Show it can be seen emeka okafor’s strength is not weak, in the face of hada di is a test for him.Guangsha big foreign aid has been in recent seasons can only say that, before the bologna is a seasoned sith big European foreign aid, but his physical fitness is a problem, although dooley observes the ability is good, but he’s not the sort of can help guangsha win big foreign aid, emeka okafor is guangsha new hope.If Okafor puts up good numbers in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), loj said, the celtics won’t have to worry about a big foreign player for the next few seasons, since okafor is a tough player to land an NBA contract with, and the 26-year-old could play at least five more seasons.Players of Okafor’s caliber don’t usually choose to play in the CBA that early. It’s true that CBA teams have signed various No. 1, No. 2 and No. 2 picks in the past, but most of these players are over 30 years old, and they come to the CBA as a kind of retirement income.But he is not the same, he is worth dozen of years, have not even celebrate her career peak stage, guangsha will he sign’s main purpose is to want to compete for a championship, at the age of the three best less, guangsha really should hit some achievements, emeka okafor’s performance is worth looking forward to.Love CBA patriotic basket concern luo Elder sister, speed to see the latest CBA intelligence.