“The world” from The Week rong branch room this matter, I began to understand the collapse of feng Cheng

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The life of Zhou Rong and Feng Huacheng really perfectly explains what is called “the couple without a house is sad”, or they are not poor, but I really think their life is a chicken feather.Logically, Feng Cheng is a writer, Zhou Rong is a university professor, two people’s wages to rent a two room should not be very difficult, even if the condition is almost, if Zhou Rong and Feng Cheng really want to live with Yue Yue, live in the light of the word piece is also good, there are two rooms, but they did not.Zhou Rong this person despise photon film environment, also want to live in a good house, she said that no house is an excuse, she just do not want to raise.She gave the children to their parents, to bingkun with them, her own relaxed, happy, and Feng Turned into two people in the world, very happy.Although Zhou Rong said he wanted to live with Yue Yue, but she seemed never to have done any efforts, the only thing she did is to blame Feng Into the room, blame Feng into incompetence.Feng Huacheng did all the efforts, Zhou Rong are not look up.Feng Huacheng wants to win his poem, to increase his chips to the room, he went to each household gifts.Zhou Rong not only don’t help but feel feng into vulgar, lost her face, let her mentor embarrassed.In fact, this time zhou Rong is not so like Feng Huacheng, she used to admire the talent, now she does not recognize, because he felt That Feng Huacheng’s poetry is not because of itself excellent, but because of the gift.Even if it is because of gifts, but The practice of Feng Huarong no problem ah, but also in order to hurry up to the house, put her daughter over as soon as possible.Zhou Rong clearly knew why Feng Huacheng did so, but he still felt That Feng Huacheng was vulgar.Coincidentally Is CAI Xiaoguang gifts on the line, from the play, at that time to ask people to handle gifts is very normal, but Zhou Rong pull not below, she pull not below calculate, she also allowed Feng Cheng to pull below, in her opinion, the poet should be noble, gifts is depraved.Zhou Rong this person is too idealistic, she clearly has the qualification of the branch room, but she does not fight for, waiting for others to send to come.CAI Xiaoguang understood her inability to give gifts and arranged everything for her.Zhou Rong because this time to help people reneged, she not only angry CAI Xiaoguang, also gave CAI Xiaoguang to the branch of the miao director’s gift to come back.This good, offend people thoroughly, as long as the director of the Miao branch, she is very difficult to get a room in this life.I can’t help but wonder, is this really the eq of a college professor?I don’t know anything about the world.Zhou Rong always put the Yue Yue back this sentence hanging in the mouth, but she never really want to bring yue Yue back, she always threw all the problems to Feng Huarong, Feng Huarong to deal with, she also can’t see Feng Huarong’s way of handling.Now Feng Yue love Zhou Nan, all called his father as a man, she still care about himself seems noble?Do I really have questions?When will she put her daughter ahead of her feelings, if only for once.People say: the female is weak, for the mother is just.But Zhou Rong seems to do not know how to be a mother, she has no lover instinct, a mother really want to take their children in the side, how can there be so many reasons and excuses.Renting a house is a living method, she and Feng Turned into a bed above is a living method, put a small bed next to their bed hanging a curtain is also a living method, why to send Feng Yue to the home to that?For more than ten years, I have been kept in Zhou Bingkun’s house, and I have wasted my life as a wife and mother.– End — This article is xiaocha’s personal opinion, thank you for your careful reading, like, comment and attention is my motivation to continue to update oh, welcome everyone to pay attention to Xiaocha.I declare: the picture comes from the TV series “the world”, copyright belongs to the original creator, if there is infringement, please immediately delete.