Talent (original)

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In a certain city construction bureau, there are two secretaries with both political integrity and ability, who are responsible for writing speeches to the director.One who never makes a typo;One who often miswrites.Orgnaization reform, two secretaries should have come off – duty seek a profession oneself.According to the principle of personnel with both political integrity and ability to decide two people stay.Who leave?She kept the secretary who often wrote wrong words.Whether violated the principle of personnel with both ability and moral integrity?No.It is in accordance with the principle of both political integrity and talent to retain the often typos secretary.Why do you say that?Because the secretary who often makes typos knows the secretary they serve better than the secretary who never makes typos.He knew the director was uneducated.This shortcoming of the director must be remedied with a typo.For example, far away, if written this way, the director will say a thousand li call, causing laughter.Written thousands of miles, the result is warm applause.Director of the service object is to attend the meeting of the bureau general cadres and subordinate grass-roots units related leaders.No one would know that the chief had spelled OUT THE word “AT”.So, in this case, typos are good.