Lynk 09 protects the car safety of every LYNk owner

2022-05-05 0 By

High strength Body Lynk 09 has built a high strength body with thermoforming steel accounting for 37.26%, giving the driver all-round protection.The co-driver is equipped with a special foxhead airbag with a covering capacity of 105L, which provides full safety protection to the head and face and reduces the risk of high injury.Lynk 09 is equipped with the urban forest cabin purification system. Through key breathability, active cabin cleaning, AQS air quality management and CN95 filter element, it creates an air purification ecology of “penetration, change, blocking and blocking”, providing drivers with a fresh and natural vehicle environment at all times.Multidimensional awareness platform leads, 09 carrying 24 high-performance hardware perception, containing 5, 12 millimeter wave radar measuring ultrasonic radar, 1 set of binocular camera before, a driver condition monitoring camera, 4 hd around a camera, a driving record camera, can achieve millimeter level comprehensive perception, protect the driving safety.