Hubei military region commander Wang Shusheng was bandits provocation, General Wang said: you eat bear heart leopard courage

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Since the fall of the Qing Dynasty, many provinces in southern China have been acting independently, which undoubtedly created conditions for the emergence of local bandits and other evil forces. Such a situation did not turn for the better until the founding of the People’s Republic of China.With the victory of the battle of crossing the River, the PLA liberated the southern provinces with great momentum. It wiped out the reactionary forces at the same time, wiped out the bandits and maintained the local public order, which created a favorable condition for the economic development of new China. Therefore, it is of far-reaching significance.But the founding general actually personally participated in the battle of the bandits, and the bandits are also very arrogant, in front of the general robbing the people’s property, but also threatened the general, so this group of bandits finally fate how?Shortly after the victory in the Battle of crossing the River, the reactionary forces in Hubei province were decimated by the Liberation Army. A veteran general who had been baptized by the revolutionary War was appointed commander of the Hubei Military Region.After the liberation of Hubei province with the army, Wang Shusheng began to miss his experience in the revolutionary War. Speaking of Wang Shusheng, he was still a native of Hubei. Because he had received progressive education in his early years, he quickly realized the darkness of the old era and the urgency of revolution, so he began to organize peasant movements in his hometown.Later, after joining the Party organization, Wang Shusheng also participated in the revolutionary war in Macheng, which made him the backbone of the Revolutionary armed uprising of the Party organization, and from the beginning of the armed revolution, Wang Shusheng had the name of a marksman.How accurate is Wang Shusheng as a marksman?In the revolutionary war, although Wang Shusheng is a leading cadre, but has been in the front line, no matter what gun in his hand can be a hundred paces, a hit, which makes the enemy terrified, still really think that our army has a number of snipers, so it often plays a key role in covering the withdrawal of troops.Later, after the victory of the Revolutionary War, Wang Shusheng, who was over 60 years old, could still easily hit the bull’s eye with the old shell gun, which made the young soldiers in the shooting range admire much.It can be seen that Wang Shusheng is not only excellent in military quality, but also advanced in political thought. As a leading cadre, he did not have any special treatment, no matter in the revolutionary era or the economic construction period, which makes Wang Shusheng’s spirit rooted in the front line of work become a precious spiritual wealth.After he was appointed commander of the Hubei Military Region, Wang Shusheng finally took time out of his busy work and came to his hometown to have a look at the construction of his hometown.When wang Shusheng inspects the construction environment of hometown, encountered the phenomenon that bandit rob common people however, this makes Wang Shusheng intolerable, began to teach this group bandit immediately.Think of just after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, because of the perennial unrest caused a lot of bandits, such a social problem is also an important social problem to solve the new China.Think of here, originally Wang Shusheng just want to persuade the bandits to hand over all firearms can be acquittals of them, but also give them some emergency food, but this group of bandits do not know that the plain dressed man is now commander of the Hubei Province military region, so threatened Wang Shusheng.Hear here, Wang Shusheng was burning with anger, it seems that this group of bandits is to eat the bear heart leopard courage.Seeing that persuasion was useless, Wang shusheng immediately pulled out his gun, called the guards and the local security forces, and immediately subdued the bandits.See the bandits were uniform so quickly after all the people cheered, but wang ss heart sank, what he thought the bandits robbed in broad daylight people, mostly because of the local food problem has been very serious, so the command will be in the reconstruction of bandits to the outside, it makes the gang of bandits eventually end up with a thought transformation,At the same time, Wang Shusheng also immediately put into the economic construction of Hubei province.In the face of serious bandits in Hubei Province, Wang Shusheng worked in two ways: on the one hand, he severely cracked down on bandits; on the other hand, he stabilized prices and invested heavily in agricultural construction in Hubei province so that there would be enough food in the local area. It was also under wang Shusheng’s efforts that bandits in Hubei province were quickly put to rest.Wang Shusheng went deep into the front line and suppressed bandits, which not only made him a great contribution in the revolutionary era, but also made him a pusher in the economic construction of Hubei Province, making him an example for countless young cadres to learn.Conclusion: As a veteran general who made great contributions in the revolution, Wang Shusheng went deep into the front line and stood in the front line of maintaining public security after he took office in Hubei province. His spirit of deep cultivation at the grass-roots level and always walking in the front line of work has become the spiritual wealth for countless young cadres to learn.