How did “Wu Wanli” in Watergate Bridge become a hero from a recruit?

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Wu Wanli (Yi Yangqianxi ornaments) is the only survivor of the seven, he is the most fortunate one, but also the most painful one!Remember why he joined the army?When “Lei Gong” asked him: “why did you join the army”, Wu Wanli replied: “to let my brother look up to me”!The first fear of Wu Wanli in a piece of ruins, saw a mangled body, eyes full of fear and fear, the body has been trembling, not a few seconds hurriedly ran away.Second fear and sad when even after a “LuanShiTan” seven, just met two American patrol aircraft, even seven hidden laying down quickly, and WuWanLi just lying beside a body, but can’t touch, for the first time close in the face of American fighter, WuWanLi directly her head to one side and visual just for the “xiao-shan zhang” is two years younger than him,American aircraft were mowed down, unfortunately, just hit “xiao-shan zhang”, and WuWanLi witnessed the whole process, watching your partner dies, with tears in his eyes, at this time, motionless while all there, this time he could see the cruel of the battlefield, how fragile life is!The third time of fear and growth when Wu Qianli and MORE than Congrong two people entangled with the United States, at this time Wu Wanli is very flustered, he raised the gun and put it down, some at a loss, and Wu Qianli also saw that he did not dare to shoot, and the United States tangled at the same time threw him a dagger, “stabbed him”!Wu li shouted, WuWanLi pick up the dagger hesitate, don’t know where stabbed, wu li grabbed us keep troops back to him, but a WuWanLi still can’t laid hands on him, as he hesitated, another American fall to the ground, wu li handed him a gun, desperately WuWanLi picked up the gun to the U.S. pulled the trigger, 1 of “bang”,Blood splattered across his face, his eyes bigger than a lantern, his mind blank.When the door and ran to the three U.S. WuWanLi without a moment’s hesitation, take the initiative to shoot, was immediately after the turn of bullets, and then to the U.S. threw a hand grenade, and totally changed before, after he YueZhanYueYong, using grenade exploded with continuous us two shelters, even the eyes of brother wu li is filled with “surprise”, WuWanLi finally began to grow.Wu Wanli asked Yu Congrong: “Lao Yu, how many enemies to kill is a hero”, Yu Congrong told him at least 20, while MAO Anying said: “the battlefield is a hero”!Wu Wanli killed 12 American troops, ready to fill the gun has been injured American officers, and Wu Qianli stopped him, Wu Wanli eager to be a hero, loudly said:”There are eight left, immediately twenty”, Wu Qianli told him some guns to open, some guns can not open, and then let Wu Wanli himself decide whether to shoot, in the face of the injured American officer, Wu Wanli raised the gun and put it down, he seems to understand that the hero is not to “head” to calculate.When Wu Wanli said “talk son” is a big hero, talk son for “three ask” hit Wu Wanli’s heart, talk son said: “sacrifice brother, we should call him what?What shall we call a brother frozen to death on the road after six days and six nights without food or sleep?What do we call a brother who runs to within ten metres of the enemy and detonates his bomb?”At this time wu Wanli frowned, talking son looked at Wu Wanli:”No frozen undead hero, no more undead hero, only the glory of the soldiers”, than when Wu Wanli eyes flashing tears, talk son to ask him what name, Wu Wanli to talk son for a salute, “the 677th soldier Wu Wanli”, Wu Wanli said firmly, voice sonant and powerful, like a veteran.WuWanLi after the temper of the battlefield and baptism, finally from a recruit an egg shaped thing turned into a real soldier, but he is not only faced with war, and difficult mission and cruelty of the battlefield, although he finally survived, but he is the most painful, because of his close relatives have gone, just five miles, but the whole seven even!Pictures from the network, please contact to delete infringement.