Expand marketing, show their skills, strive for the upstream Henan Zhengyang Rural Commercial Bank off to a good start

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Start is doomed to be a no smoke but bad-tempered battle, in the wisdom and perseverance, zhengyang agri-businesses ready outlets of the bank under the leadership of the party committee, planning in advance, elaborate organization, sparkling highlights, fruitful, builds a than learning to catch up with thick atmosphere, today let’s take a look at how they in performance in the contest,Hard work to win a good start, for the first quarter to add brilliant color!Since the opening of Yuecheng sub-branch, the sub-branch of the business network carefully beautiful, decoration, in front of the business arch, to create a festive atmosphere.At the same time, the branch has prepared a reward package for customers who come to handle business. Customers who deposit money in the branch have the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw and receive exquisite gifts.On the 29th day of the Lunar New Year, the branch held a “lucky draw” activity. The activity process increased interest and participation. The scene was very popular.And the first time to inform the winning customers to come to the scene to receive the award, Xi Zhong electric car customers to celebrate the scene, happy New Year.As of February 8, the branch’s deposit net increase of 33.96 million yuan, completed the current task of 122.3%, ranked fourth in the township branch.Pengqiao Branch the branch staff in-depth street merchants, farmers home propaganda, to carry out “carpet” marketing, in the creation of publicity atmosphere at the same time, detailed explanation of the advantages and characteristics of the bank’s financial products, the real service to send out, customers please enter the door, the business to stay.At the same time, guided by user needs and service experience, the branch has intensified the promotion of mobile banking. During the waiting period of customers, it has guided customers face to face to handle online business with mobile banking, so that customers can fully experience and feel the convenience, speed and safety of mobile banking.As of February 8, the branch’s deposit increased by 28.96 million yuan, fulfilling the current task of 104.3%;The number of personal mobile banking customers increased by 460, the application coverage of debit card products reached 1,615, 143.17% of the current task, and the e-banking business ranked first in township branches.Cold Sub-branch In the face of great pressure from competition in the same industry, this sub-branch made full use of the favorable opportunity for migrant workers to return to their hometown, vigorously promoted the advantage of free credit card payment for laymen of OUR bank, and guided customers to deposit their funds in our bank.At the same time, the branch will be stock of high quality client list assigned to people, back office after work, rest during one by one, the door to the high quality stock visit customers, for customers to send to the “three ones”, namely “a huimin policy, a New Year greeting, a flyer page”, to thank customers long-term support for the bank, at the same time in the contact to deepen the feelings of, stable stock of deposits,Tap into new savings.As of Feb. 8, the branch’s deposits increased by 12.92 million yuan.The total number of personal mobile banking customers increased by 480, 102% of the current task, and the application coverage of debit card products reached 1,281. E-banking ranked third in township branches.100 boats contend, the vigorous first;In the middle of the water, yong jin wins.Start activities are in full swing in 2022, zhengyang agri-businesses bank all cadres of staff in the later work will mention stance, drum drive, again add measures, condensed the united power and keep the yong yi Benedict line firmly, show 2, go all out, strive for greater performance and new glory.(All-media reporter Xiao Zhen correspondent Liu Hui)