China’s men’s soccer team overmotivated: Repeated failures or repeated failures

2022-05-05 0 By

China lost to Vietnam for the first time since 1959.With just five points from eight group games, the team is out of the Qatar World Cup.Two days ago, China booked an early ticket to next year’s Women’s World Cup by beating Vietnam 3-1 in the Asian Cup quarterfinals to reach the semifinals.I wonder if the Chinese women’s football team can beat the Chinese men’s football team?I’m not a football fan. I don’t know much about football, and I don’t know how to win by arranging my troops.That is to say, occasionally read the news about football matches. In the World Cup, the men’s football team doesn’t seem to win very much.”First of all, I want to apologize to all the fans, and I also want to apologize to the players,” said Li Xiaopeng, China’s head coach.First of all, there was a problem with the game design. Personally, it was hard to accept. The players played very hard.The second is the over-motivation before the game. The players want to win the game so much that they play nervously.Which team did not want to win the game?When did Chinese football not want to win?Which time did Chinese football win?Chinese football has always been a magical presence.Every time he went out with a promise of victory, every time he went back on his word with explanations.Is it strange that Chinese fans still have confidence in them, and the men’s soccer players are so confident?Do not know the men’s football team is repeatedly defeated or repeatedly defeated repeatedly?At first glance, repeated defeats and repeated defeats seem to be the same words, just in different places, but they really are different, and “repeated defeats” conveys a sense of pain and defeat to fans.”Repeated defeats and Repeated Fights” tells the fans that There is great “hope” for Chinese men’s football team. We can clean up our mood after every defeat and continue to fight for the rise of Chinese football with high wages and faith. We should believe in the power of belief.Was it “over-motivated” to lose against Vietnam this time?Well, it turns out that “motivation” is not something to be used lightly, and overdoing it can lead to thinking about how to get the “big reward” : more for scoring, more for delivering clutch shots, more for creating offensive opportunities.Why didn’t the manager make it clear before the game?We were distracted by these questions in the middle of a heated confrontation, when two midfielders and centre-backs were so close to each other in attack, were they discussing who should score?The defense stayed away because no one convinced anyone. Angry?Do not know the Vietnamese team before the game has spoken good incentive?Vietnam used to be part of China, so there should be no difference between the two teams?Should they win by not over-incentivizing, not fighting for money, but fighting for the honor of “turning boy sings”?Why don’t we take it easy and maybe win?Ah, so the players will not say, not inspire us, we have no desire, no confidence, no drive to lose again?Why don’t we wait until we win and hear why we win?Who knows what’s next?Welcome to follow and exchange