A miracle!23 years old top triple double list Dongqi 45 times pressure O and magic, the record is still to refresh?

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East has led to win the game today, Yang lose eagle road, with the pair of wars, do not say who wins, but absolute east deed is on today’s niche, because he played 27 minutes 41 seconds can clock out, personal data is three pairs of 18 + 10 + 11 assists, and this is the east qi qi ninth of the season three pairs of data.Anyway, once you thought it was hard to get a triple-double, you realize it’s not as hard as you thought it was when Westbrook had three consecutive triple-double seasons. As a great god, Robertson would like to live and play in this era.In addition, westbrook is now the king of triple-doubles in history, and may not be westbrook in the future. As mentioned above, triple-double data is no longer difficult to achieve, especially among young players with top3 triple-double data, westbrook does not have a place.Doncic will turn 23 at the end of this month, so 23 years old top three triple double list, Doncic beat big O Robertson and Magic to the top, young before the age of 23, Doncic has received the 45th triple double, big O is 38 triple double, Magic Johnson is 31 triple double.If you look at the numbers, doncic is already the only player with 40+ triple-doubles, While Magic and O both have 30+ triple-doubles, Westbrook wasn’t a triple-double master until he was 23.Before he turned 23, doncic’s triple-double talent was superior to the two legendary stars. Obviously, whether Doncic can surpass Westbrook to get the most triple-doubles in history in the future is really worth looking forward to. Moreover, at the age of 23, doncic’s top triple-double list 45 times is superior to Big O and Magic, the record is still to be refreshed.It was a miracle!On February 28, is the east has reached the age of 23 years old birthday, and solo with seven games in February, the final is also on February 28, lone ranger on the road against the warriors, can you play the what kind of grades the night before her birthday, means a great deal of the eastern qi qi, the most important thing is east to in their own before the age of 23, how many times in total to three pairs of data,This is an enhanced version of the miracle.Doncic, already the all-time leader in triple-doubles at age 23, is indeed expected to add to that record, making it harder for anyone to break it.Is a data must be mentioned, that is, over the past six games in the east has four times with three pairs of data, regardless of the east has scored 15 points is game, or single-game scoring 30 +, east qi qi are in shock single-game three pairs of data, even if the other two don’t get the three pairs of data matches, east qi qi will lose on the rebound, respectively are six rebounds.If doncic puts it in first place, he still has a good chance of getting it for the rest of February, breaking his own record for triple-doubles by age 23.Of course, even if Doncic isn’t looking for a triple-double, the Mavericks will probably need it if they want to win, given doncic’s versatility.