Wolf grandmother commandeer granddaughter lifesaving money to buy a house, attitude arrogance is not afraid of detention, the outcome is comfortable

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In fairy tales, there is a story about a Wolf grandmother, and it is said that children should be able to tell the truth from the truth and the good from the evil.But in reality, a grandmother got a sum of compensation after learning that her daughter working outside had an accident. In order to buy a house for her son, she took the money as her own, without considering that her granddaughter suffering from congenital heart disease needed money for medical treatment. Then how would her outcome develop?Mr. Li and his wife are through the way of free love came together, and the family is not very good Mr. Li and his wife married, was opposed by his wife’s family.Especially his mother-in-law, Yang mou, looked down on Mr. Li and gave him hundreds of thousands of dowry money to marry his daughter.At that time, the job was just stable Mr. Li naturally can not take so much, and finally Mr. Li took out part of the bride price, and his wife successfully married.The couple lived happily ever after, and Mr Lee’s salary as a cook increased with experience. Their two daughters were born shortly after their marriage.The birth of two daughters made Mr. Li feel happy and happy, but this kind of happy time did not last too long, a bad news will befall the family.The eldest daughter felt some heart pain on the way of running. After the hospital examination, she was found to suffer from congenital heart disease. In order to treat her daughter, the family spent all their savings and also took on a huge amount of debt.But even so, Mr. Li and his wife did not give up their daughter, has been adhering to the daughter’s treatment.The cost of medical care is also a problem.In order to raise the family income source, Mr. Li stayed in the local area to continue to do his own job, while his wife came to Guangdong alone to earn money.Day after day to maintain the cost of treatment and debt pressure, husband and wife and long-term separation of the two places, finally his wife can not hold on.While still in Guangdong, she filed for divorce from Li, who raised her two children, and chose to leave home.Faced with his wife’s appeal for a divorce, Li finally agreed, and the two filed for divorce. The father and daughter have since lived together.Shortly after Mr Li’s divorce, his ex-wife was killed in a car accident in Guangdong.After traffic police investigated the accident site, the car owner was found to be mainly responsible for the accident, and the car owner later paid more than 1 million yuan in compensation to the bereaved family.This matter is not only the wife’s family knows, as the dead latent Mr. Li also learned this news, but because Mr. Li and his wife had divorced at that time, so the compensation was all handed over to Mr. Li’s former mother-in-law.After Mr. Li learned of the compensation, he thought that the two daughters also had the right to inherit his wife’s compensation, so that he could have money to cure his eldest daughter’s illness, so he went to his mother-in-law’s house, hoping to get the compensation that originally belonged to his daughter.Inheritance is the general name of the legal property of the deceased, while the compensation for death is obtained by compensation after the death of the deceased, so the compensation for death does not belong to the category of inheritance.However, the principle of distribution of death compensation is similar to that of inheritance.According to the Provisions of the Law on State Compensation, when a citizen dies, his heirs and other dependant relatives are entitled to claim compensation.That is to say, when death, the legal heir of the deceased and other dependant relatives can jointly inherit the death compensation.According to the principle of sequential inheritance, the deceased’s parents, spouse and children are the first in line of succession and enjoy equal rights in the inheritance of the death compensation.Mr. Li and his wife are divorced, so the compensation does not share Mr. Li’s share, but the children they have together do.At the same time, according to article 1,084 of the Civil Code, the relationship between parents and children does not disappear with parental divorce.After divorce, the children remain the children of both parents, whether they are directly brought up by the father or the mother.Therefore, although Mr. Li and his wife have divorced, the two daughters are also raised by Mr. Li, but the two daughters still belong to his wife’s biological daughters, still have the share of his death compensation.Therefore, It is reasonable and legal for Mr. Li’s former mother-in-law to claim the share of his two daughters.However, when her granddaughter was seriously ill and needed money for medical treatment, Yang, the grandmother, seized the money after receiving the compensation for her daughter’s death, and bought a house for her son with the rest of the money saved in her son’s name.When Mr. Li visited his house, he refused to go to the hospital. When Yang heard that Mr. Li wanted his granddaughter’s share to go to the hospital, he arrogantly said that the money had been spent, and refused to give anything.Subsequently Mr. Li will Yang mou sued the court, in the court after hearing the combination of Mr. Li’s daughter’s condition, the court provided Mr. Li with two options.One is to continue to Sue, but the other party may choose to appeal, and the trial also needs time, in the time span will be longer;The other is that the court can mediate for both parties and solve the disputes between them through mediation, which will get the money earlier.Mr. Li chose to resolve the dispute through mediation. During the mediation process, Yang remained unmoved, believing that after giving the money to Mr. Li, she would not spend it on her granddaughter. She also said that she was not afraid of being detained even if she did not give it.Under the mediation of multiple parties, Yang was informed that if she refused to fulfill the court’s judgment, according to the “Criminal Law” article 313, she will bear criminal responsibility, so that her son’s future will also be affected.Finally, after the court’s mediation, the two sides reached an agreement, Yang agreed to take the money, while her son also said that as the child’s uncle will also be responsible for the two nieces, he will also bear part of the medical expenses.According to the mediation result, Mr. Li’s two daughters can each receive 30% of the death compensation, a total of more than 640,000 yuan, after receiving the life-saving money, also wish the child can recover soon.