There will be three major changes in 2022 that will directly affect all of us

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There will be three major changes in 2022 that will directly affect all of us. The first one will hurt, and the second two will directly affect everyone’s pocketbook, so be prepared.First of all, the first thing you it’s hard to imagine how hard will it be in 2022, after graduating from college students, has a very horrible data, domestic college students this year will be 10 million for the first time, once again hit a record high, and coupled with outbreaks of returnees are returning home, this season is coming, in the history of the most difficult employment is single people club department, according to data from theLast year, 12.69 million new jobs were created in urban areas. In other words, 10 million of these 12.69 million people have college degrees or above, accounting for nearly 80%. I believe this number will be higher and higher in the future, bachelor’s degree will become standard in all industries, and graduate students will no longer be scarce resources.According to data from Elem and Meituan, there are now 70,000 postgraduates delivering food across the country.So a degree is definitely not as valuable as it used to be.Inflation makes everyone’s money less and less valuable. Ten years ago, it could buy a kilo of meat, but now it can only buy a few cabbages, and after the epidemic?Al C is unprecedented large amounts of water, now more than 20% of the market circulation of dollars is just issued by the nearly one year, equivalent to you at the beginning of the 100000 dollars, which in the end of the direct loss of purchasing power of $17000, inflation ravaged the wallet every one of us, so as long as your property value, it is at a loss.Third must cover their purse strings as well, then I say could make you feel very confused, the latest year first p2p thunder, followed by H large corporate defaults, even the universe D a large losses have taken place in the line of less than 4% of the financial products, less income, even the principal is no longer safe, and behind all this is just against the financial product break,Capital preservation is simply the future interest will disappear, so that if anyone tell you promise my screen directly, this kind of person is not stupid bad, for we ordinary people on the one hand is the competition of the society, on the other hand is faced with the plight of currency devaluation is investment, so the investment is 2022?More difficult.