The perfect couple quarreled, cursed, regretted and went round and round, love and understanding is reunion

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Perfect partner broadcast to now is also fast end, ratings have been ranked among the best, visible this drama story is still very catch people.Midway Chen Shan, Sun Lei, Lin Qingkun, Wu Min these two couples have experienced separation, but after separation, they gradually understand each other’s difficulties, but also find a better themselves, love and understanding, is too important to family happiness.Sun and Chen Shan the most let a person love dearly, they through a lot together, since the childhood received case, sun see Chen Shanlin celebrates the commercialisation of the hotel, a Chen Shan abortion and so on a series of things, the couple had filed for divorce, or even several times the quarrel, but always can reach a mutual understanding, middle-aged people for such real not fake feelings.However, after the death of Chen Shan’s father, Sun Lei finally decided to divorce again, because he felt tired and always wanted to meet Chen Shan’s requirements on him, but he couldn’t do it.Although they hated each other and thanked each other, they decided to part in tears.After getting the divorce certificate, they said goodbye to Sun lei at the door of the civil Affairs Bureau. Chen Shan wished sun Lei “to find a more comfortable self”. Sun Lei said, “Come back when you are tired of riding the wind and waves, a good neighbor will cook porridge for you.”Fortunately, after separation, they can still love their children and support each other as family members.Lin Qingkun and Wu Min this pair is more twists and turns, originally the net friends for their divorce and applaud it, after all, Wu Min hysterical questioned her husband why no matter home, Lin Qingkun also roar dont know what you Want to Wu Min.But there were some surprises when the couple split up.Wu Min looked on sister Wu You led a group of scientists to work all night, finally know, people busy is really not to answer the phone;Lin Qingkun also through a person to take care of jing jing, know these years his wife is not easy.After understanding each other, they can communicate calmly and say things like “You have worked hard. I know you have done everything for the good of your family.” Although separated, they can still get along well.Look at the perfect partner or learn a lot, no matter how close people are, don’t be afraid of quarrel, don’t be afraid of conflict, open your heart to express well, see your own difficulties, also know the other party is not easy.In this family reunion day, there is love and understanding to have reunion ah!