On!Rest assured, thanks to this group of Putuo “Market blue” love Shenhuo warm heart spring

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On the one hand, the Lunar New Year’s Eve is approaching, and the festive atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. On the other hand, the market is getting busier and busier with joy.For several days, the long-lived “market blue” became the busiest group of people.They insist on standing every shift, guarding each self-blame, with the most serious work attitude to create the most secure market order, to ensure that the longevity of residents in peace, peace of mind over the New Year!As the food safety festival is approaching, the chain is not loose. Facing the epidemic prevention responsibilities under the background of the festival, “Market blues” tighten the supervision of the whole chain and consolidate the responsibilities and obligations of all parties.With the help of comprehensive investigation, sorting out the food business units involved in the import of cold chain food, using online training, offline publicity and other “dual-line” means, from the product traceability, personnel, nucleic acid testing, “three special, three certificate, four not” system and other aspects, urging enterprises to guard the “door”.Grasp food raw materials, grasp processing units.The supervision personnel further strengthened the supervision and inspection of the network catering service enterprises, focusing on the “look back” renovation, focusing on the possible gap in the food processing link, helping enterprises to tighten the “high voltage line”, increase the “responsibility wall”, and become a good “goalkeeper”.Focus on people’s livelihood, ensure quality and safety “people’s livelihood is like the meridian, safety is like weft”, only in this way compiled out of the market supervision network, can take the bottom line of urban safety.On the basis of guiding enterprises to fulfill their safety responsibilities, “market blues” also sorted out a number of key commodities and areas with large trading volume and many conflicts and disputes to strengthen the construction of market order.They focus on the supervision of people’s livelihood measurement inspection, for the market, supermarket, catering and small business use of electronic pricing scale compulsory verification and compliance, retail goods weighing and food, cosmetics packaging conditions carried out verification.The overall situation is generally good, the existing problems of some merchants, also gave positive guidance, further urge its standard management, continue to consolidate the changshou road street integrity measurement atmosphere.For mandatory certification standards, the focus of inspection in the sale of electric bicycles, electric heating goods 3C certification and other mandatory standards of performance, and check into the sales books, technical parameters and other information.At the same time, electric bicycle operators are required to actively implement the main responsibility, to know the law and abide by the law, safe operation.Highlight high-risk links, keep the safety of special equipment long life market regulators also carried out a full range of special equipment, no dead Angle, the whole process of hidden dangers and barriers to plug leaks.The winter boiler safety inspection of the pressurized boiler users promoted the administrative counterparts to establish an overall safety thinking from process to detail to ensure the safe operation of boilers in the region.The use and management of passenger elevators and escalators used in Tianan Qianshu Commercial Plaza, Yongle Household Appliances and other places shall be inspected, and users shall be urged and instructed to improve management measures in time and strengthen emergency management to ensure the safe operation of elevators.”The Year of Yin tiger is coming, putuo harmony is like this!”As always, the meticulous longevity market supervision department will continue to “baidu” hot momentum, strictly observe the festival safety bottom line, with practical actions “reliable” to protect people’s livelihood!Reporter: Longevity Branch of Putuo Rong Media Center Editor: Lihua click below to learn more about putuo District during the Spring Festival and after the COVID-19 vaccination sites list yufo Buddhist Temple, Zhenru Temple during the Spring Festival tour guide to read this article enough!Will the weather be good in Shanghai during the Spring Festival holiday?Putuo “blue friends” for you “shousui”, the sense of security overflowing!Thank you for not going home for the Spring Festival!