It took the woman five years to borrow 9000 yuan from her best friend

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Five years ago, there were two friends who were very close. One of them borrowed 9000 yuan from the other because he was a little short of money.But after 5 years, two people make break off because of this 9000 yuan however, in those days stretch out a hand to want the woman of money not only express gratitude to his friend, still blame the other side: urge true stingy all the time.Five years ago, the two sisters had their own families and lives. After cheng married her husband, she became a housewife, taking care of the whole family.On an ordinary day, Cheng’s best friend said that she was a little short of money recently and had some difficulties in life. She hoped Cheng could lend her some money for emergency.Small cheng read in two people so many years of sisterly affection, then agreed to come down.But she is a housewife and has not worked since she got married, so where does she get the money?Originally, after cheng promised to come down, she will tell the matter to her husband, the husband listened to come up with a sum of money to his wife, and cheng also through other ways to borrow some money, put together a 9000 yuan to his bestie.After getting the money, their relationship is much better than before.But the “deep” affection did not last long, as the money did not come from Cheng’s own savings, and some of it was borrowed from others.In order to help her friend with the debt, she did not dare to buy a piece of clothes for herself and did not have a good meal. After living in a straitened way for a period of time, she also paid off the money.But every time she hinted that her friend would return the money, she was brushed off for various reasons.After hearing from each other many times that they have no money, can’t pay back, and all kinds of excuses to avoid, the relationship between the two people also became cold.And cheng read in the hard-won friendship of two people, want to keep the friendship of two people, so not too much to mention this matter, until cheng will lend money out of the fifth year, he did not see the true situation of this bestie.In one day, small cheng at home when brushing the mobile phone circle of friends dynamic, see each other these years is to go out to play, is also a hot drink, life is very carefree.So in her heart will have a fire, looking at the other party to enjoy a rich life, and their own money to save, dare not buy more toys and clothes for themselves and their children, and she did not even want to return the money, so that day she bluntly asked the other party to return five years ago 9000 yuan to her.During the five years, Cheng did not ask her for a penny of interest, but only needed to return the principal to her, but she did not express gratitude for what happened that year.During the Chinese New Year was urged by cheng the bestie belly also a resentment, said she could not go after the New Year to ask for money, must this urge debt, also blame her said: “has been urging really stingy”.Stingy not stingy don’t say, that year as a housewife without income source of small cheng is willing to take out 9000 yuan relief her, you can see that she is not stingy.At this time, Cheng and her bestie also had creditor’s rights, bestie is obligated to repay the loan, because at that time, they did not say the interest related issues, and did not stipulate the specific repayment time.Then, according to the provisions of the Civil Code on the time limit for the borrower to return the loan, the borrower should return the loan in accordance with the agreed time limit.Where the term of the loan was not prescribed or clearly prescribed, and cannot be determined in accordance with article 510 of this Law, the borrower may repay the loan at any time;The lender may demand repayment from the borrower within a reasonable time.That is to say, when friends borrow money and do not agree on a specific repayment time, so as a convenient loan can find friends at any time to return money, the other party can also at any time repayment.But if meet “Lao Lai”, be not return money of time, still can Sue to the court, ask the other party to return money.Moreover, it is stipulated in the Civil Code that the limitation of action shall be recalculated from the time when the limitation of action is discontinued due to the filing of a lawsuit and the request or consent of one of the parties to perform their obligations.The statute of limitations for such civil actions has now been extended from two to three years, starting with the date on which the borrower last requested repayment.That is to say, not delay three years of time not to loan can rest easy, as long as the friend still remember, and put forward the money to you when the request, it shows that the friend did not forget this matter, still have the right to go to the court application, the money is still on.Borrowing money not to repay the original is against the public order and good customs, as the saying goes, it is natural to repay debts.Friends lend money to you out of morality, out of mutual affection and trust.But once you have borrowed the money, you need to pay it back, and if you are in real financial trouble, friends who can lend you the money won’t bother you with it.But if the money is not returned, then no matter how good the feelings can not redeem the other party in this matter was hurt, then, friends will become the opposing sides in the court.There are many things in life that can be very difficult, especially when you are in financial difficulties, when you ask your friends to lend you money, and when you lend them money, you ask them to pay you back.Just like Xiao Cheng, in order to help his friend, he borrowed money from others to get the money together, but he couldn’t open his mouth when he asked his bestie to get his money back, so he didn’t get the money back for 5 years.Finally this time, the attitude of the tough small cheng from the hands of this boudoir to return 5 years ago 9000 yuan, but as the price of this debt, the relationship between two people moved to the freezing point.But looking back, this is not necessarily a bad thing for Xiaocheng, with 9000 yuan to buy a lesson for yourself, see this bestie, and the money will eventually come back.