Dongxiang, an ethnic minority in western China, bid farewell to drinking water shortages

2022-05-04 0 By

Dongxiang nationality is a unique minority in northwest China. Its main dwelling place is Dongxiang Autonomous County, Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province.Due to the special terrain conditions, dongxiang county is seriously short of water resources. The water lifting head of water diversion project is as high as 700 meters, and the water transporting distance is more than 30 kilometers.More than 300,000 people living on 1,750 ridges and 3,083 gullies across the county have been faced with drinking water problems. People have to go to puddles or springs on their backs to get water.In recent years, the implementation of a series of water conservancy projects has completely solved the local people’s drinking water problem.From “mountains and gully carry water” to “a twist of the tap”, from the widely planted and small harvest to the prosperity of the industry, from water shortage and trapped to harmony, dongxiang people bid farewell to drinking water difficult.Executive producer: Liu Kai Reporter: Duo Lei, Hu Weijie Editor: Li Yan Xinhua News Agency gansu Branch jointly produced Xinhua News Agency international communication integration platform