Should children learn Mathematical Olympiad?

2022-05-03 0 By

Listen to me. Should children learn Math at all?In terms of learning itself, it is not whether we should learn Mathematical Olympiad, but “thinking training”.The function of “thinking training” is much better than the so-called Olympiad, which is much more comprehensive and can consider the problem more comprehensively.Let the child learn the right way of thinking to consider the problem, then the textbook knowledge can be solved.Therefore, what we should do to children is “thinking training”, rather than Olympic mathematics training.The premise of all learning should be to develop children’s ability to learn independently.If children can learn independently, their acceptance will be stronger, learning methods will be more suitable for them, learning knowledge memory will be more firm, and they can better use it.Thinking training is an important means to improve children’s autonomous learning ability.Thinking training and independent learning ability will be an important factor in children’s learning and growth.Therefore, we are now taking advantage of the “double reduction”, do a good job in the children’s thinking training and independent learning ability, ready for the children’s tomorrow.