Expand your knowledge with the Tiger, The Three Wonders of the Martial Arts, Part four, part two

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Huo Tianyun learned that orientalization and gusurnamed girl’s enmity, with the orientalization of one side of the word, but look at the other side of the act, also makes sense.If you can meet girl Gu again, see from her mouth to say the situation, whether consistent.Check with each other, that’s more comprehensive.The so-called partial listening is dark, listening both ways will be bright.But Huo Tianyun purport is not here, gusurnamed girl also have misunderstanding to him, do not want to say more.It is difficult to know the origin of the grudge from her mouth.But also because this matter has nothing to do with Huo Tianyun, so he will have the most objective view.I wonder if there’s a follow-up to this feud?If anyone in the house heard someone coming, it was supposed that at least one of them should come out to watch and act as a lookout.But no one came out until Huo Tianyun ran into the stone house.Also because Huo Tianyun was eager to save the wind from the dragon, temporarily careless, did not think of this unreasonable flaw.At the same time he did not look round, for if he had, he would have detected a second unjustifiable flaw.The effortof Easternization may have been less than his, but not by much.But until he broke into the stone house, Easternization lagged far behind him.Huo Tianyun kicked open two doors, I saw the house on the earth kang lying a yellow and thin qiu Beard man, he did not see the wind from the dragon, naturally think that the man with sick face is the wind from the dragon.”Feng Cong Long” lay on the kang, as if half paralyzed, unable to get out of bed.But the steel knife in his hand or left swing right split, tiger tiger wind.Three men on him, you can’t get close.Huo Tianyun shouted “Rat dare!”Long sword out of its scabbard, a move “Li Guang shot stone”, stabbed one of the vest.He is a decent disciple of a famous family, even in this must rush to save the emergency moment, or refused to sneak attack, drink first.The man used a pair of bronze mace. With a backhand blow, huo tianyun’s sword was knocked away.Huo Tianyun used tianshan jianfa “chasing the wind sword type”, Shua Shua two swords, thorn about two enemies, sword zhao disease exhibition, when it is really like a storm.All three enemies were drawn against him by Huo Tianyun.One of them seemed a little surprised and said, “He’s a bit of a prick.””You bold boy,” said one, “who dares to meddle in our affairs? Are you impatient with your life?”The other shouted, “Well, shoot him first!”There was little room for manoeuvre in a room of four.Huo Tianyun sword onslaught, arm in arm, with one enemy three, wu is accounted for six points offensive.But between eager, but can not win.Feng Cong Long, who was lying on the kang, said, “Brother, I am very grateful to you for your brave deeds.But I don’t want you to die. Go.”Stand up on your elbows as if to sit up.Huo Tianyun hurriedly said: “The wind warrior need not worry, these thieves I can deal with.There are also easternization predecessors behind. They are coming soon.”Who are you?” asked the dragon.”The junior is Huo Tianyun, a disciple of tianshan School.”Huo Tianyun replied.If we only look at huo Tianyun entering the room, we will find that what he sees is someone lying on the kang, and there are three people besieging him.Is it not a doubt that three men can not attack a sick man in bed?And they don’t know how long they’ve been here, and they’re still down?Are all three of them good for nothing?If you’re a wastrel, what’s the point?That is to say, if according to the appearance of the picture, this situation is not possible to happen, do to him to see the possibility.Although three beat one, it is not justifiable, he is still a patient!If you want to act chivalrous, shout loudly, you bully the weak, what kind of hero, first report your name.Huo tianyun didn’t do that because he believed in the Orient and didn’t take things further.In this way, Huo Tianyun will face a gang fight.For him it was a road to broaden his mind.So what happens next?Stay tuned!