Dish of feeling: this kind hurriedly sell, otherwise set of be you

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Hello everyone, I am pan zhi zhi!As the saying goes, “one into the stock market, deep as the sea”, fry is absolutely not just four hours staring at the disk during the day, but a long process of practice;Regardless of the ups and downs of the shock, should not be happy with material rather than to their own sorrow.Very happy to talk with you about gold, has not been concerned about the sense of the dish of friends, you can point to focus on it;Also please every day “first like, then appreciate, then leave a message” to increase the popularity of the sense of plate!Lantern Festival night to drink much, this morning or in a daze;Just send a simplified version.Yesterday finally saw a decent index of the positive line, but the index does not make money market, even board height compression, mood ebb, not only high risk, low low play are not safe.Medicine has become the strongest, but the end of the medicine has been high tide, today should also be differentiated.At present, the sustainable best is still the direction of infrastructure, 7-board Zhejiang Construction investment was smashed, 4-board Zhengping shares are still the market height board, infrastructure is still optimistic, see whether to continue to pick up today.Digital economy industry chain is a market of 7-15 trillion yuan, and most of the digital economy industry chain are small and medium-sized, the space is large, short-term funds most like to circulate small bills.This hot concept includes the Internet, digital currency, software services, 5G, network security and so on;Digital economy disagreement yesterday, today should continue disagreement almost with yesterday, not good participation, suitable for doing T.There is also a good trend is the direction of multiple births, education, speculation is expected to two sessions, there may be some opportunities.This is a big bonus sector, the fundamental problem of the country, the attitude is also very clear, young people say that the housing price is too high to live, so we rectify the real estate, young people say that the education is serious, directly allocated K12 education, these signals are not clear enough?Finally, talk about institutional group shares, the market will not have too much incremental funds into the institutional shares to give institutions to lift the sedan chair, the logic of the rebound is also overfall, the real market still needs time to sort out and precipitation, so participate in this direction, stop surplus must be firm, or the set is you.Although there are more than 50 but 2 boards above only the United States Jim, is flat shares, more difficult to participate in today see less move.Noon review to give you a detailed analysis;We can pay attention to the midday comments on the feeling of the dish.Because the system has changed the push rules, we need to adhere to the “like message” and “point attention forward”, otherwise the system will think you are not interested in the article, will not push the article to you;Everyone help bit bit bit bit bit bit bit bit bit bit bit, dish of feeling here thank!Statement: the above is the sense of the dish personal views to share, only for everyone’s reference to learn, the stock market has a risk, the market needs to be cautious!The article involves a stock does not recommend, do not buy and sell basis, if this operation profit and loss oneself, if you feel that there is reference value, you can help to share forwarding, collection point in view, you can also leave a comment about your views, finally I wish you all a smooth investment!