Directly hit the pain point good service Fujian Ningde break the enterprise recruitment difficulties

2022-05-03 0 By

Economic daily news (reporter Xue Zhiwei) just after the Spring Festival, fuzhou in order to ensure the enterprise spring all cylinders, ningde of fujian province early deployment, precise ShiCe, rapid action, recruitment across the province, by creating a “city” secure employment, up to hire “combination”, break the “hire difficult” of the enterprise, in order to realize the first “good start” lay a solid foundation.”One month before the holiday, we began to deploy relevant work, and issued documents to ensure the employment demand of enterprises.”Ningde City people bureau director Lin Qinling said.Related spirit, in order to further implement the provinces and cities after the Spring Festival ningde city research introduced the ningde service manufacturing enterprise employee eight measures, also supporting the implementation of the “service manufacturing enterprise employee work plan, organization throughout the whole city” to apply for a job at no cost, the bag eats live “and other special operation, to decode the ningde manufacturers the shortage problem.From “six stable posts” to “eight employment”, the real “Ningde service”, not only want to be in the front of the enterprise, but also warm in the heart of the enterprise.Fu Wenhui, general manager of Ningde Sikeqi Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD., said: “These measures directly hit enterprises’ pain points and effectively solve their urgent problems.”In addition to providing inter-provincial recruitment services such as special flights for migrant workers, ningde’s human resources and social security departments also pay close attention to the flow of migrant workers returning to their hometowns during the Spring Festival, actively retain local migrant workers through the “return of 10,000 people” project, and encourage villages (communities) to participate in labor transport.”We have mobilized community-level Party organizations to recruit people who have returned to their hometowns, so that more people can get a free ride in finding jobs or starting businesses at home.”Blueprint, party secretary of Jinhan Township, Jiaocheng District, said 1,606 workers were needed during the Spring Festival through local recruitment and village (community) recommendation.Ningde city also encourages enterprises to recruit workers by “bringing in the old with the new” and “attracting workers”. On the basis of existing rewards, enterprises will be given one-time employment service awards and subsidies, and 3,371 workers will be employed by enterprises through “attracting workers”.The company has also signed cooperation agreements with 14 human resource service agencies, opening up follow-up recruitment channels.”Through the chartered car, from the door ‘direct’ factory gate, along the way a lot of convenience.From Yunnan Qujing kingdom to see the couple introduced, a few days ago, they through the “point to point” chartered car service, from Yunnan to Zhouning stainless steel deep processing industrial park on the job.Li Pingdi, recruitment manager of SAIC Motor Fujian Branch, told reporters: “The government has actively increased the number of recruitment fairs and held special recruitment activities in different industries and groups, which have played a positive role in helping enterprises solve employment difficulties.”Data show that among the 1071 industrial enterprises above the designated size in Ningde city, 81 have continuous production during the Spring Festival. The output value of these 81 enterprises in 2021 accounts for about 73% of the industrial output value above the designated size in Ningde City, strongly supporting the “good start” of the industrial economy in the first quarter of Ningde City.