“Warm holiday 2” ran liu Tao and Ni Dahong to chase drama, but beautiful female circle 2 powder

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This period of time after “the world” is very happy, and the light comedy “Holiday warm” is also hot broadcast, the play tells the story of the Spring Festival three girls in the northeast home reunion by a strange combination of circumstances, when the reunion of all kinds of joy farce is ironic story.Originally ran to Liu Tao and Ni Dahong’s acting to chase drama, but was not careful female number two Zhang Jiani beauty circle powder.Zhang Jiani played the female number two Cheng Shu, she is the youngest daughter in the family and the apple of the eye, beautiful since childhood, personality is self-capricious, there is a bit of love brain potential, later opened a home stay when the boss business.After a tortuous emotional road, Cheng Shu’s career and love is finally on the right track.Overall, Warm Holiday 2 has a more interesting story than its predecessor, although the leading role has been changed from Yao Chen to Liu Tao, and the casting combination is refreshing.Funny and there is no lack of life flavor of the plot thought-provoking, the joy and sorrow of the three siblings let the net friends have empathy, looking at the want to laugh and make fun of a few words!Among the three siblings, elder sister Cheng Tenge is the most promising, she is the face if the peach blossom field of the workplace strong woman, in Shanghai, an investment company for many years to mix the position of the executive, but the marriage has repeatedly hit the rocks, after divorce out of the psychological haze, with her daughter’s feelings restored as before.Cheng Qiao, the eldest son, runs a small shop. He is plain and ordinary. He is a typical middle-aged man with fat and fat.As difficult as it was, he was often misunderstood by his wife as having motives and desires to cheat.Finally, let’s talk about the role of younger daughter Cheng Shu. She is the setting of love brain, eager to pursue romance and dream, but in the face of ruthless reality compromise and transformation.She was determined to become a star since childhood, all the way to Beijing to pursue her dream, but only a small role.After breaking up with her boyfriend Wei Qi, Cheng Shu decided to go back to his hometown in northeast China to open a home stay, she vowed to do free and easy female boss, to achieve material and spiritual double abundance, live as you like.However, new test and problem come one after another, because management homestand is not easy, need a lot of financial and material resources manpower to maintain, so she shamelessly open the mouth to borrow money from home.Originally the mother’s heart is reluctant, but father Cheng Sanmin love her daughter, secretly sold the house to help her.When Cheng Shu most anxious, Liao Ran broke into her world and rescue, two people experienced the world of grinding, finally understand each other to choose what kind of intimate lover, gorgeous flowers of love is about to result.For Zhang Jiani’s new unlocked role, actually quite interesting, she from a silly sweet become their own queen, and finally understand the nature of love is matching and attraction, rather than simple emotional value.Cheng Shu is like the girl with unrealistic fantasy in real life, initially thought that love is all of life, then gradually become sober and transparent, the reality is very cold and cruel, only to make money is king!Home is rich, rich is strength, rich partner is icing on the cake!Dear friends, how do you view the TV series “Warm Holiday 2” starring Liu Tao, Ni Dahong, Zhang Jiani and Chen He?Welcome to leave a message!Author: Luo Xiaoke, a mother married to Taiwan, writes about everything in Taiwan, obsessed with all kinds of film reviews.Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.