The city of Liaoyang leads the high-quality development of agriculture with the whole industrial chain

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Liaoning Xinjin Poultry Breeding Co., LTD. Egg processing plant workshop, workers are busy.On one side is a growing area and on the other is a processing area.Located in Xiaotun Village, Xiaotun Town, Wensheng District, Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, Liaoyang Dongdu Ecological Agriculture Co., LTD., as the “new brand” of Liaoyang agriculture, has prepared for processing products at the beginning of planning, and is committed to creating the whole industrial chain of high-end edible fungi.The company has developed the rare edible fungus auricularia auriculata that can be planted locally, driving farmers to use idle houses for production and increasing farmers’ income.At present, high-end edible mushroom varieties such as artificial matsutake, porcini mushroom, mushroom and hydrangea mushroom are exported to overseas markets.Zhu Fuchun, party secretary and director of Liaoyang Agriculture and Rural Bureau, said that Liaoyang city in recent years to increase the support for food, fruit and vegetable, livestock and poultry and other agricultural products intensive processing, accelerate the construction of the whole industry chain, the whole value chain, especially in support of agricultural “old brand”, “original brand”, “new brand” in the whole industry chain construction process,We should keep the secondary and tertiary industries based on agricultural and rural industrial resources in rural areas as far as possible, and leave the value-added benefits and employment opportunities of the agricultural industrial chain to farmers as far as possible, so as to boost farmers’ employment and income and revitalize rural industries.On the eve of the Spring Festival in the year of the Tiger, the reporter in the processing workshop of Liaoyang Fumin Vegetable Industry Co., LTD., saw the rolling cage cleaning machine, transmission cleaning machine, transmission screen, wind machine and other vegetable processing equipment are in operation, nearly 100 workers processing and packaging all kinds of clean vegetables, rushed to market vegetable gift boxes.The company is mainly engaged in vegetable planting, processing and sales, the products are mainly sold to the large supermarkets in guangdong, Shanghai, Hunan, Fujian and other southern provinces and cities, liaoyang city is the only one engaged in the northern vegetables south transport key provincial industrialization leading enterprises.In Huangniwa Town of Liaoyang County and its surrounding xiaobeihe Town, Tangma Town, Liuerbao Town and Laoguantuo Town of Liaozhong District of Shenyang city, the company has built a production base of 100,000 mu of northern vegetable transportation in the south, driving 13,000 households to engage in vegetable planting.Wang Ling of Nandian village, Huangniwa Town, who works in the processing workshop during her spare time, told the reporter: “My family planted 5 mu of cabbage, which was the order of fumin vegetable industry. Last year, the cabbage market was good, and one mu of land was paid 1,800 yuan.Most of the people working here are neighboring farmers. They stay close to the land and do not work hard.”In 2020, Fumin food industry added edamame washing business, which led to the increase of more than 50 jobs;We will build a storehouse with constant temperature for fresh-keeping and low-temperature quick-freezing, create major production areas for cabbage, green corn and other agricultural products, directly employ 1,500 local people, drive the vegetable production of 100,000 mu in the surrounding area, and increase the income of 25,000 rural households.”Last year, a new pickled cabbage project was introduced, which can process 30 million jin of cabbage and increase the profit by 30 percent.”Liaoyang Fumin vegetable industry Co., LTD. General manager printed to introduce to reporters.Over the years, Fumin has adopted the operation and management mode of “company + peasant household + base”, and signed long-term agricultural product purchase agreements at protective prices, providing farmers with uniform ordering services of agricultural materials, technology, acquisition and sales, so as to mobilize farmers’ enthusiasm for production and protect their interests from loss.Liaoyang city vigorously develop rich rural industry, promote farmers to continue to increase income.Perfect benefit coupling mechanism, actively developing enterprise farmers compact, the interests of share out bonus, share cooperative mode of cooperation, will integrate the resources in the countryside, body guided by order production, stock cooperation, joint production and marketing closely benefit coupling mechanism, returns and other help farmers’ income, allow farmers to share more industry chain value-added benefits.By the end of 2021, there are 55 agricultural products processing enterprises above designated size in The city, among which 23 have sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan. The agricultural products processing industry has achieved operating revenue of 11.5 billion yuan, driving 175,000 peasant households and providing 35,000 jobs. The average income of farmers from the industrial chain is 2,800 yuan.Foster the subject of industry leading team started from ducks, to develop into a pathogenies to farming, feed processing, deep processing of egg, fresh eggs, cold storage and preservation, breeding a comprehensive technical service, eggs, new product development in one of the key leading enterprise of provincial agricultural industrialization, liaoning xin jin poultry co., LTD. In just ten years time.As a leading enterprise, Xinjin Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd. established liaoning Chenglu Duck Industry Professional cooperative. In cooperation with local farmers, the company provides comprehensive services of duck house, duck chick, feed, duck raising technology, and recycling duck eggs.”A duck shed can raise 15,000 ducks in a batch, and depending on the market, raising a batch of ducks can earn 50,000 to 100,000 yuan.”Feng Yue, a member of the cooperative, said.In line with the “quality first, reputation first” business philosophy, adhere to the “quality of survival, integrity of the market, innovation and development, to the brand benefit” development purpose, Xinjin poultry breeding Co., Ltd. is committed to protect the physical and mental health of the people, the production of safe, green, environmental protection products sold throughout the country.In order to expand the scale of processing, in 2021, Liaoning Xinjin Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd. invested 150 million yuan in Liaoyang city and built a new egg products processing plant covering an area of about 60 mu. After the completion of the project, it will produce 1 billion egg products, including 700 million salted duck eggs and 300 million salted eggs.The main varieties are salted duck eggs, pine preserved eggs, spiced eggs, bittern eggs, vacuum eggs and all kinds of gift boxes packed eggs.In recent years, Liaoyang city firmly grasp the development of this theme does not relax, to private leading enterprises as the starting point, to project construction as the focus, private economy has made leapfrog development.So far, the city’s total of more than municipal agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises in 82, in which 22 three new national, provincial, municipal, 57, industry including planting, breeding, processing, leisure agriculture, grain and oil, fruit and vegetable products cover, feed, livestock and poultry, aquatic products, flowers, edible fungus, special fur animal breeding and other fields,An agricultural industrialization management framework with market orientation, resource – based and leading enterprises as the core has been formed.In accordance with the requirements of relevant departments of the state to support the construction of industrial clusters with distinctive regional characteristics, significant scale benefits, strong comprehensive competitiveness and strong demonstration driving force,In 2021, Liaoyang City proposed to build a fruit industry cluster in Longchang Town, Liaoyang County, a grape industry cluster in Liutiaozhai Town, Dengta City, a fresh corn industry cluster in Dahe Town, and an agerberry industry cluster in Tanghe Town, Gongchangling District.Liaoning Lingxiushan Shenghui Industrial Group Co., Ltd. started research and development of related products of ageless berry in 2016, introduced excellent varieties of ageless berry from abroad, and accumulated land transfer of nearly 10,000 mu, established ageless berry cultural industrial park, ageless berry organic planting base, ageless berry agricultural products deep processing base.Immortal berry series products were selected as “Liaoning gift”, and represent Liaoning to go abroad exhibition.At present, the company has completed planting 6 million organic ageless berry plants, and transferred 10,000 mu of land, including planting 3,200 mu of demonstration base.Through land transfer, it has signed contracts with 435 farmers and become a provincial agricultural leading enterprise.In 2021, more than 600 tons of fruit were harvested, with an output value of 9.2 million yuan.The ageless berry concentrated and pressed production line and the ageless berry along with the food and beverage production line have entered operation. The output value of ageless berry series products in 2021 is 26 million yuan.There are 5 categories of r&d products, including fruit wine, catering products, ageless berry compound powder, tablet, oral liquid and so on.Bei Yuhong, a villager in Wazigou village, Tanghe Town, uses his 3 mu of land to grow old berries. He takes advantage of the proximity of the village to the Tanghe reservoir and, like more than 10 families in the village, has started a farmhouse.Wazigou village party branch secretary Alihua told reporters: “Our village has the observation deck of tanghe reservoir, part of the location of” Village Love 7 “is chosen in our village.The special roasted whole sheep and bonfire party have become a unique way to attract tourists. Now more than 400,000 tourists visit the village every year, driving the villagers’ orchard picking and selling hazelnuts, mushrooms and other agricultural products.”It is reported that Gongchangling district is located in the residual vein of Changbai Mountain, rich in resources, has the reputation of “mountains hidden treasure, water containing gold”.In order to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development mode, promote agricultural supply-side structural reform, promote the integrated development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and drive farmers’ employment and income, Gongchangling District launched the national leisure agriculture key county establishment work, was identified as “national leisure agriculture key county” by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs last year.Relying on the foundation of old blackberry products deep processing, bow fault zone set up WenQuanKang raise, not old blackberry experience, combining the folk economy and means of the cooperation mechanism of the development of Shared resources complementary, promote the development of the agricultural industry chain extension, can not only improve enterprise’s popularity, and increase the added value of agricultural products, realize the development of the tertiary industry integration path.