“Road icing warning information update” February 7, Qingcheng County meteorological station continued to issue yellow warning signal for road icing

2022-05-02 0 By

Qingcheng County Meteorological Observatory continues to issue yellow warning signal for road icing at 16:32 on February 07, 2022:Affected by ground at low temperature and snow is expected in 24 hours, my county county, post horse, three miles pave, Ma Ling, xuan ma, akagi, white horse, CAI mouth set, high-rise buildings, founded, ZhaiJiaHe, beam, dobashi, CAI tong chuan, the White House temple and other parts will have an impact on traffic icy roads, please prepared the relevant units and personnel, pay attention to travel safety.On February 5, qingcheng County meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning signal for road icing.–end–>