Li Chunjiang lost to apprentice Du Feng in the final game of the Chinese basketball Association (CBA)

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CBA second coming war games, 19 PM signature must be pulled through the Shanghai team’s game, the Shanghai team with 22 wins 5 record ranking second in the league, but also made 2 wins guangdong is twenty – seven ranking fifth in the league, guangdong in the second round of the regular season after a wave of losing streak, has been in a wave of four straight strong rise,Guangdong team to find the momentum of the triple crown, the arrival of foreign aid Leduo, also for the guangdong team to solve the problem of lack of soldiers, Leduo and three-point shot, his arrival completely revitalized the guangzhou team inside and outside, Zhu Fangyu once again for the Guangzhou team to win the escort.Shanghai team and zhelin wang to join the spring river guidance, after a strong rise, had not been bullish on the Shanghai team, instead of under the charge of spring river one of the best offensive ability become the CBA team, spring river always wanted the defensive team, Shanghai team into a spring river to understand such a team to have the opportunity to win, but the sharks attack currently only do first-class,The defense is still weak, which is the key that Shanghai team will eventually lose to Guangdong Team, Shanghai team wants to win, unless Guangdong team plays badly, it is difficult for Shanghai team to beat Guangdong team.1. Lock up the three scoring points of The Shanghai team, Wang Zhelin and two foreign aid play poorly, the Guangzhou team won half of the game.2. Full-court press, focus on the defense of the three-point line, keep The Shanghai team’s three-point shooting rate as low as possible in 25%-33%.3. Yi must beat Wang in the paint and, if not suppress Wang, match him in rebounds.Guangdong team must open the three-point shot, fast break and defensive counterattack.5. Protect the backcourt rebound, keep Shanghai team’s chances of second attack shot below 15, guangdong team’s players actively grab the front court rebound, and have more success rate of second attack.Through the Shanghai team lose the game, we is not hard to find, the Shanghai team defense is not very good, actually this is also why Shanghai will be the main reason for the lost to shenzhen, shandong team, therefore Du Feng on the match tactics, or from many people score to play through the Shanghai team’s tactics, either or Vince + weems or arrange yi lai how to score high outbreak of active offensive tactics,By taking the super score to beat The Shanghai team, of course, the focus on the arrangement of 2-3 people with high scores to win the ball has not been du Feng wants to see the game, so Guangdong team must have more players stand up for the Team to get points, relying on multiple points to beat The Shanghai team.Shanghai team in zhelin wang, feng lai, franklin, under the condition of open at this time of the sharks are a difficult team to beat, so guangdong must strangle the three points, as long as the sharks can’t open this three, through the Shanghai team’s domestic players have to get points, but they can’t help the team win the overall play, so Du Feng in tactical arrangement,Inside with Yi Jianlian restraint Wang Zhelin, outside xu Jie, Hu Mingxuan, Lido three points have to be ready to lock franklin, feng Lai in the power forward position is likely to be difficult to solve the problem of guangdong team competition, Ren Junfei and A Ri need to prepare for defense.Shanghai once in 45% 50% from three, at this time of the sharks is the problem with CBA champion is not large, guangdong must lock through the Shanghai team’s 3-pointer, breaks the rules is necessary to nip through the Shanghai team’s 3-point shooting, no three points of Shanghai team would be more suitable and guangdong while Shanghai team in scoring drought can take away game,Guangdong in the backcourt rebound protection also have to give force, to avoid being Shanghai through the second attack out of morale, take away the game, there is no second attack opportunity Shanghai team is equal to a broken arm, Guangdong until the end of time can directly win.This game if the two teams play normally, Guangdong team to win Shanghai team at most 5-10 points, if Guangdong team play well, Shanghai team suddenly dumb fire, then Guangdong team to win Shanghai 15-25 points is not a big problem, as long as The Guangdong team can do a good job of defense, fast break and three-point shot can open, Guangdong team beat Shanghai team is not a big problem,This is also du Feng and master Li Chunjiang’s battle again, Du Feng is likely to be the last laugh, Li Chunjiang can only watch Guangdong team to achieve 5 consecutive wins.Finally summarizes the guangdong in finish will want to win in the end of the second stage of the season, in the face of Shanghai old rivals, Du Feng beat master spring river, will once again prove they have higher and better than blue, guangdong in the face of the sharks will have certain is that Shanghai team defense is bad they finally lost to the biggest cause of guangdong,Guangdong needs to take advantage of The Shanghai team’s defensive errors, through the fast break and three points to play a smooth attack, as long as the Guangdong team does not leak the defense, they win the Shanghai team is only a matter of time.This is Amu kanqiu. 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