Huang Yaping, mayor of Yongji City, met with Xu Beiling, vice chairman of Aiken China Holding Group

2022-05-02 0 By

On February 14, Mayor Huang Yaping of Yongji met with Xu Beiling, vice Chairman of Aiken China Holding Group Co., LTD., and the two sides discussed the cooperation of cultural tourism project.Huang expressed welcome to Xu Beiling and her delegation for their inspection and investment in Yongji.It is pointed out that Yongji has profound history, livable ecological environment, rich cultural and tourism resources and broad development prospects.At present, the city is focusing on the planning and construction of Yellow River Iron Ox · Stork building area, focusing on increasing the temperature of the city, to create a romantic city.Aiken Group’s development concept and business direction are highly matched with Yongji. We hope that Aiken Group will seize the opportunity of Yuncheng to host Shanxi Tourism development Conference and come up with a package of cooperation plans suitable for the development of Yongji as soon as possible, improve the quality of existing scenic spots, create a new bursting point of cultural and tourism industry, and open a new chapter in the construction of Yongji romantic city.Xu Beiling briefly introduced the development history, business direction and classic operation cases of Aiken Group.Aiken group is full of confidence to strengthen and improve the characteristic culture and tourism brand of Yongji, which has a long history, diverse cultures, obvious geographical advantages and a good foundation and broad prospects for the development of culture and tourism industry.In the next step, based on the resource endowment of Yongji, the Group will further improve the detailed plan, accelerate the implementation of projects, and make contributions to the high-quality development of Yongji culture and tourism industry.Yun Chenyu, Shao Wenlong and Shi Yongge attended the event.