Hong Kong stock early comments: Hang Seng index falls more than 300 points Hang Seng Index falls 2.24% technology stocks fell across the board

2022-05-02 0 By

The Hong Kong Stock index opened sharply lower on Jan. 27, with the Hang Seng index losing 1.39% and more than 300 points, the China Composite index losing 1.79% and the Hang Seng Technology Index losing 2.24%.On the disk, affected by the overnight decline of technology stocks in the United States, large technology stocks opened lower, Alibaba fell more than 5%, NetEase fell more than 4%, Kuaishou, Meituan fell more than 3%, Baidu, JINGdong all fell more than 2%;Housing stocks and property management stocks fell, times China holdings opened nearly 15% worst performance;Pharmaceutical stocks, home appliances stocks, insurance stocks, gas stocks have fallen;On the other hand, only beer stocks, dairy stocks rose a minority, China Resources Beer rose nearly 2%, Australia advanced 1%.