Gu Ailing loves the fascia gun, is to pay IQ tax or really effective?

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Do you know what a “little thing” will rub itself against your body in between games?Bring athletes use figure source equipment Zhihu Tian Tian sweet actually not only athletes, many stars caishaofen, I miss you also had amway, now even GuAiLing endorsements, under the “flock effect”, a growing number of fitness guru, white-collar workers, ordinary people also joined the snap spring tide, the “little things” showed the trend of intensified.That “little thing” is the fascia gun.Such a device is no bigger than the palm, the highest price of nearly ten thousand yuan, and claimed to have the magic function of “sports rehabilitation”, often caught in the “pay IQ tax” debate?Some people think that “exercise rehabilitation” is “massage”, spend thousands of dollars to buy such things, it is better to go to a professional rehabilitation center;Other people think that fascia gun is not so simple massage, but also relieve muscle tension, shape, cure disease efficacy, not expensive.Who’s right?Do fascia guns pay an “IQ tax”?Why is there a fascia gun?To answer that question, we need to start with why fascia guns exist.The “fascia” in the fascia gun refers to the layer of fibrous connective tissue that surrounds the muscle. It is divided into the superficial layer and the deep layer, where the deep layer is used to divide the muscle group and is connected to the bone.In layman’s terms, the fascia is the white membrane that surrounds the muscle we see when we eat a tendon.The fascia is composed of fibers, collagen, and hydroprotein, and has an unusually smooth and elastic surface due to its characteristic composition.It is because of its existence, can effectively reduce the friction between muscle groups, to avoid excessive wear of muscle fiber sports;The fascia, on the other hand, has strong unidirectional tension, which helps the muscle contract better.Athletes, fitness experts, such as a long time, high intensity exercise, will cause fascia, tendon fatigue, resulting in human flexibility, explosive force decline;Office white-collar workers and other lack of exercise, long-term sitting without exercise, will cause fascia adhesion, tight;In severe cases, local pain, redness and swelling of the body, muscle stiffness, leading to fasciitis and other diseases.In order to effectively alleviate fascia fatigue, accelerate the repair of human muscles, and help the rehabilitation of damaged fascia, it requires the intervention of an external auxiliary equipment, from which the fascia gun was born.Does the fascia gun really work?Fascia gun is born because of the need, and the fascia gun sold on the market without exception claims that it can relieve muscle tension, deeply relax fascia, and some even claim that it has the effect of beauty and body building and treatment of fasciitis. Is it true?If you want to know whether the fascia gun can really achieve the claimed effect, you need to first understand the working principle and purchase parameters of the fascia gun.Due to the appearance patent, fascia guns vary in size and shape, but their working principles are not very different.The internal structure is similar to the cylinder of the engine, the motor drives the crankshaft to do piston movement, to massage the human body.That point is similar to the curve saw used in woodworking, early due to the high price of the fascia gun when IT was just released, many “hands on the devil” to modify the curve saw, in addition to noise and heavy quality, basic can achieve the effect of the fascia gun.Fascia gun requires special attention, namely its motor.This is the core component of fascia gun, its quality directly affects the quality and efficacy.Motor is divided into brush and brushless 2 kinds.Brush motor consists of stator, rotor, brush, through the coil and steering device rotation, brush and stator do not move and generate electricity.This way of working, will friction carbon brush, resulting in loss, and the two in the contact process is easy to produce electric sparks, the electromagnetic generated easy to interfere with electronic equipment.▲ Human brushless motor without carbon brush, using magnetic pole rotation, the coil is not moving mode of operation, which reduces the loss of the motor, faster response, greater starting torque, more smooth operation, longer life.Therefore, the brushless motor as the power of the fascia gun high efficiency, low energy, low noise, can maintain a stable strike frequency and amplitude.Experiments have shown that the fascia gun frequency between 2000 and 3200 can effectively stimulate the metabolic level of the body. Therefore, only the fascia gun frequency in this range can be effective.Too low frequency, can not get the effect of massage;Extremely high frequencies, which can cause bodily damage.The fascia gun designed on this principle produces high frequency vibration, which can be transmitted to the deep skin of the human body. It plays a massage effect on the muscles and fascia, which is conducive to the rapid recovery after exercise, and can also help change the pain symptoms of patients with fasciitis.From this point of view, the fascia gun does play a role in muscle relaxation and fascia recovery. If you buy a fascia gun for this purpose, it is not an IQ tax.But for the claimed beauty body shaping, treatment of cervical spondylosis, fascia gun can do it?Don’t really pay an IQ tax!Previously, CCTV investigated these functions of the fascia gun.A study comparing exercise and use of fascia guns did not find any effect on fat loss, a conclusion that was later confirmed in interviews with experts.Bring about figure source CCTV video investigate its reason, obesity is caused by the human body metabolism imbalance, want to reduce weight thin body, should try to be balanced diet, control diet, exercise, and with the help of instrument, vibration rejection fat to reduce weight, this is not only a fascia gun, even more expensive power plate can’t do that, as a result, holding this idea to buy fascia gun,That’s no problem paying an IQ tax.Meanwhile, the news also verified whether the fascia gun can cure the disease, and ultimately showed that it does not help cervical spondylosis, and will worsen the condition if used improperly.This is because the spine, especially the cervical spine, is a dense part of the human nerves, blood vessels and spinal cord, and the bone arrangement is special, relatively fragile, can not withstand a long time, large force blow;Second, the amplitude of fascia gun is mostly between 8-16mm, and the force output with large torque will aggravate the injury of the damaged part under the impact of uneven force.Therefore, if the user of this disease, as far as possible to use light gear, using the “Y” fork massage head, avoid cervical vertebra, spinal parts, it can be seen that people who believe that fascia gun can cure, will certainly pay “IQ tax”.To sum up, the fascia gun plays a role in relieving muscle fatigue, promoting the recovery of fascia and helping to improve the pain symptoms of patients with fasciitis, but it should also be based on their own situation, choose a reasonable massage head and massage method;The claim that fascia gun has beauty toning, curing spinal diseases and so on is nonsense, if you really believe that, it really pay “intelligence tax”.(This article is for knowledge sharing only, please contact to delete pictures if any infringement)