Zhengzhou Ninth Hospital launched “Western Learning” training to better protect people’s health

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In order to establish a talent training mechanism, speed up the construction of medical and health care highland, improve the service capacity and professional level of TCM in hospitals, promote the healthy development of TCM, constantly improve the professional level of young and middle-aged medical personnel, strengthen connotation construction, and give full play to the characteristics and advantages of TCM.January 11, Zhengzhou Ninth People’s Hospital “Western Learning” theoretical knowledge training launched.The “Western Learning” training of Zhengzhou Ninth Hospital lasts for one year, and the department of Traditional Chinese Medicine is mainly responsible for the training. This theoretical course is divided into:7 courses, including basic theory of TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine, Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Formulae, Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Moxibustion, massage therapy, etc., with a total of more than 80 theoretical courses, which will be completed by the end of September with 3 months of clinical practice.The theoretical training teachers are composed of all TCM doctors and chief TCM doctor Yang Ping of pediatrics department, deputy chief TCM doctor Wang Fenglei of orthopedics Department, deputy chief TCM doctor Liu Jing and Deputy chief TCM doctor Wang Xiangpeng. Under the guidance of Director TCM doctor Wang Guobin (professor), the theoretical training is taught in the way of nails.In the middle of December 2021, Director Li Da called all TCM doctors in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and required all TCM doctors to participate in the “Western Learning” training plan. Each TCM doctor should prepare the lesson carefully, and the courseware should be focused, clear structure, integrated and refined, concise and powerful, and easy to understand. Then Tencent conference software recorded the video.The first training of theoretical knowledge of “Western Learning” started from the teaching of the five Elements theory by Deputy chief physician Li Da. 171 western doctors in the hospital have participated in the training. Up to now, the theoretical training has been carried out for 7 times and has been widely praised.ICU deputy chief physician Fan Xiaoyang: “the training of ‘Western Learning’, the knowledge points of TCM doctors are very detailed, very good”.Neurology Li Jie chief physician: “doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine do the slides are very beautiful, the lecture is pretty good.Director Li Da’s theory of five elements and attending physician Liu Daoxin’s theory of essence and overall concept are fully combined with clinical practice and easy to understand with examples, which is very good “.The training of “Western Learning” is an important way to realize the complementarity between traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, realize the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine, cultivate comprehensive medical and health talents, and better serve the people’s health.It is not only the need of the masses, but also through the “western learning” training to further enrich the connotation of traditional Chinese medicine in the hospital, so as to further enhance the service capacity of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, which plays a positive role in promoting the protection of the masses’ health.(FanXing)