How does the qing Dynasty emperor vaccinate “smallpox vaccine?They also use the methods of ordinary people

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Smallpox was almost incurable in the early Qing Dynasty, and many people died of it!Shunzhi emperor everywhere to avoid pox did not escape this disaster.He had issued a ridiculous edict to the whole country.No cooking beans, no lighting, no splashing water!This is ridiculous!And the reason why Kangxi can succeed to the throne is because the missionary Tang Ruowang mentioned that after smallpox, lifelong immunity, only Xuan Ye of the emperor out of smallpox and recovered, so he was chosen as the successor.Kangxi naturally attached great importance to the treatment of smallpox.He discovered that Han Chinese doctors had developed some preventive methods, but they had not been widely used as secret recipes, so he began to promote the vaccination, the equivalent of smallpox vaccine.So how do we do that?The idea was to take the pox that a smallpox patient had and grind it into a powder with camphor borneol and blow it into the nose of a smallpox patient.Or the bean scab of smallpox patient adds a little population or water dips in with cotton swab take, in the nose of the person that put vaccinia.Either way, a healthy person who receives vaccination will get a mild case of smallpox and develop a rash with fever, but with careful care it is not life-threatening.Because the doctor’s bean sprouts have been screened to ensure safety.If you were misdiagnosed, you would have immunity if you had smallpox, so we have the same reason for vaccination now, but the methods at that time were still primitive.It is worth noting that vaccination is to choose the child commonly, more than 15 years old with regard to no longer easy vaccination, because the age is too big may have danger instead.If it is the emperor’s son, the process is more complex, such as 15 old brother two years old healthy and lively, meet the conditions of vaccination.The doctor of too hospital vaccinia branch, inform to Qianlong, can vaccinate bean seedling for 15 elder brother.Then also choose auspicious days, set up closed places, can not see the sun, the moon and the stars, decorated lanterns, worship pox god goddess of the gods and so on.Half a month later, he recovered safely and walked out of the isolation room.It is also because of the kangyonggan three dynasties emperor’s vigorous promotion, the royal family no longer like the early Qing dynasty about acne change situation.