Five lines of clothing | on February 19, 2022, “Saturday” wear a good luck to five lines of dress popular method

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Lunar Calendar: the 19th day of the first lunar month, rain, Renyin year, Renyin month, gui-mao day, wood day, tiangan, tiangan of gui-yin water, ground branch is Yin wood, is aquatic wood.Avoid, appropriate, appropriate move, opening ceremony, wedding, into the house, get married, start digging, Ann bed, travel, trade, opening, tourism, heirs, ground, blessing, remove, and remove, open, a fire, medallion, marry, migration, the coupon avoid is buried, sacrifice, departures, twelve gods, this day for a ChuRi: to blow away the cobwebs of the elephant.Removal, treatment, warding off evil, travel, marriage are good days, if there is a long illness to find a day to change the doctor might as well choose removal, the effect is very good.Do not seek official, office, open, move.Every day less than the boss home, so as not to thankless, the new officer can not be elected on the day, so as not to block the official career, ruin the future.· Chong Sha · The rooster is the Chinese zodiac being chong, so it is not favorable for people born in the year of rooster to do important things, such as getting married, opening a business, etc.Be careful what you do to the West.· Location of Auspicious God · Location of Mammon: South Location of Lucky God: West location of Happy God: Southeast location of shengmen:Youshi 17:00-04:59 Yin-Shi 03:00-04:59 PM 11:00-12:59 Youshi 17:00-18:59· Sheng Xiao · Teji Zodiac animals: Dog, pig and snake Shi Ji Zodiac animals: Sheep, rabbit and tiger Today lead to decline:Horse, dragon, chicken # knitted sweater to wear four key!With five-five body, pear-shaped body, belly woman…Say goodbye, it’s all about looseness!In cold weather, many people will choose to wear warm knit sweaters first!But you know want to wear loose knit unlined upper garment to have a model, in fact very test figure, therefore small make up specially for the figure that most girls care about most is troubled, be like: false crotch wide, five five body, small abdomen old woman, wide shoulder younger sister…The right medicine, let you find the right way to wear!Instead of trying to hide it, it’s better to wear an umbrella A-line skirt or MIDI skirt. In this way, you can see through the outline of your lower body and contrast your slim waist line, which will make everyone ignore your body defects immediately.No matter how out of proportion you are, it doesn’t matter if you are 50 or 50, because we are trying to improve our visual proportion through the way we dress.For example, wearing high-waisted pants and a high-waisted skirt, tucking the top down, tying the belt, and stepping on a pair of heels creates the illusion of long legs from the bust down.# Belly lady cold weather;We will inevitably eat a little more, add calories!If you happen to have a baby bump, show off your long legs with a loose, slightly longer denim sweater and a pair of shorts and skinny jeans.That way, everyone will stop focusing on your belly.Most of the matching methods we introduced in front of us are to modify and change our body shape through clothes.But if the same situation is applied to a broad-shouldered girl, it will not apply at all, because if you add more to the shoulder to embellish it, it will only make the shoulder look wider, so it is a generous show, whether it is a shoulder cut top or a V-neck sweater.● Life can be full of setbacks, but we can not lose confidence, the road can be bumpy, but we can not give up moving forward, life can be full of despair, but we can not give up hope!We have it for a while, then we lose it.From each loss, I understand more and more what life is all about.I hope my dear you go in peace and happiness all your life!Peace and happiness!I love you and bless you.Thank you for seeing me.