Why does automobile wheel hub corrosion need to pay attention to what

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Car use for a long time, there will be corrosion on the surface of the wheel, the wheel corrosion not only looks bad on the surface of the wheel, and serious words may lead to slow leakage of the wheel, then what is the cause of the wheel corrosion?First, let’s share two cases.Case one: Paint tire oil corrosion hub a private car found the left front wheel of the car was deflated, thought that the tire was damaged and leaked gas, quickly drove the car to the repair shop.The repairman took off the wheel, filled up the tire, checked it, and found that the tire was fine, but the hub was wrong.When he dipped the wheel into the water, tiny bubbles kept escaping from the junction of the wheel hub and tire.”The hub was corroded by tire oil and there was a small seam at the junction between the hub and the tire.””Said the mechanic.After unloading the tire, the inner edge of the wheel hub of the metal, there are several places by different degrees of corrosion, showing a “molting” state.The mechanic polished the inside of the wheel hub and then used the tire.When you wash your car, the oil that the washer applies to your tires is actually a liquid wax.The wax, when applied, does no good except to make the tires look black and beautiful.However, chemicals in the liquid wax come into contact with the wheel and corrode the metal, damaging the wheel over time.Of course, there are also liquid wax that does not corrode the wheel hub, but the price is more expensive, and the general car wash will not use it.If you see a car wash to brush the tire side of your car with tire oil, please stop it immediately, because it will damage the wheel hub of the car, causing wheel corrosion.Case two: vehicle hub corrosion related to the environment a car owner Yan bought two years of the car has 4 hub has been corroding, is the quality of the car or improper use of the cause?Yongkang, Zhejiang province is the “hardware capital”, many places engaged in metal manufacturing, processing industry.The industry is often exposed to acid, alkali and other highly corrosive materials.Driving in Yongkang does have the potential to corrode.The car may be driven to the strong acid, strong alkali environment, resulting in wheel corrosion.To sum up, there may be three reasons for the corrosion of vehicle wheels: First, environmental problems.Many models now use aluminum alloy wheels.Aluminum alloy this material advantage is strong, durable, but the disadvantage is afraid of acid.Aluminum is easily oxidized when exposed to acid, and aluminum alloy wheels are indeed susceptible to corrosion once placed in a strong acid environment.Second, many car wheels are damaged by poor quality “tyre treasure”.Many car owners in the car wash, like to brush a layer of “tire treasure” outside the hub, so that the hub looks bright and bright.However, some car washes now use inferior “tire treasure”, which contains acid components, decontaminate ability is strong, but it will also corrode the hub third, is the quality of the hub.Many automobile manufacturers, through the improvement of the process, reduce the harm of acid substances to aluminum alloy wheel.It should be said that the vast majority of the current car wheel hub, the basic is not afraid of acid.However, there are still a few models of the wheel, is still easy to corrosion.