Jetway X70 PLUS has plenty of power output and a strong aura

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When buying a car, most people who have a family and a career focus on understanding the space of the car.For larger families, space is even more important.Among many models, Jetway X70 PLUS has three seat layouts, which can meet different needs and are practical.In addition, jetway X70 PLUS has a total of 1.5T and 1.6T displacement two versions of the car, now we look at the 1.6T displacement jetway X70 PLUS how will perform?The octagonal grid in front of the full appearance is arranged with transverse trim inside, which broadens the view and is surrounded by chrome trim to make it more delicate.The headlamp shape is long and narrow, and the horizontal L shape design of the interior is more dynamic.Fog lights on both sides of the grille are vertically distributed for a clearer view.The waist line of the body is straight and smooth, very tough.After the tail penetrates the type lamp to be lit, the identification degree is higher, integral modelling is square, administrative levels feels rich, bilateral 4 exhaust has sporty feeling more.The design of the car with a higher sense of grade is more fashionable, with exquisite materials and exquisite workmanship.Red leather wrap and tight stitching craft, not only feel good, and texture is also outstanding.The central console uses a large number of horizontal line design, with a good sense of hierarchy.Although the design of double flat innovation is not high, but also has a good sense of science and technology.The addition of silver chrome-plated ornaments and piano lacquered porcelain panels gives the car a sense of sophistication.The most outstanding is air conditioning outlet, the color that uses similar to rose gold wraps edge, more show grade feeling.The red seats also have a sense of movement, and the decoration above is beautiful and generous.Space size and comfort the car is 4749mm/1900mm/1720mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 2745mm. It is a medium-sized SUV.It is available in five, six and seven seater versions to meet different needs of consumers.The 5-seat version has the most spacious space, and the 177cm passenger enters the back row. The leg room is more than two punches away, and the head distance is abundant, so there is no depression.Don’t worry about the space in the front two rows of the 6 – and 7-seater versions, they both perform well.The space in the third row is suitable for short distance use. Although the space is ok and not oppressive, it requires the passengers in the second row to have some legroom, and when fully loaded, there is a certain sense of crowding.The design of the seat is humanized and comfortable.Powerdynamically, the Jet X70 PLUS is powered by a 1.6T L4 engine with a maximum power of 145kW and a maximum torque of 290N·m, combined with a seven-speed wet dual clutch transmission.The maximum speed is 185km/h, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 8.1L/100km.The power parameters aren’t great, but you can feel the power output and ride briskly.The accelerator pedal is also very sensitive, gently step on the accelerator, there is plenty of power in the foot ready to start.Power tuning is also aggressive, so it’s not very smooth.The motivation of gear upshift is poor, but the power is still good, because of this, the fuel consumption of the car in the actual driving performance is high.Chassis before and after the use of independent suspension, soft adjustment, more comfortable.When driving to the road condition is not very good section, or can filter out some bumps, comfort is stronger.But any car has some big or small problems, this car because of the suspension support is not strong enough, so the brake pedal in the front section of driving will have virtual phenomenon, which will appear obvious nodding phenomenon when braking.Conclusion Jetway X70 PLUS appearance level is not high, but also not low, generally speaking, is a more durable existence.Octagonal grating and chrome trim together for a higher degree of refinement.More grade sense of the interior, let a person linger, cortex in the console is simply fondle, good touch.Space performance and comfort is also good, spacious space, the seat cushion lengthened, but also more considerate to people.Power performance is excellent, abundant power can give the driver full confidence, driving more briskly.However, there are also defects such as insufficient ride comfort and poor suspension support, leading to nodding phenomenon when braking in an emergency.The jetto X70 PLUS with a 1.6T engine has an official price range of 107,000-154,900 yuan. There are more than 20 models to choose from, so there will always be one for you.The event will run from February 20, 2022 to February 22, 2022