Huangzhuang Street peace community to carry out middle school students into the community social practice

2022-04-30 0 By

In order to enhance the social practice ability of minors, enrich the winter vacation life of middle school students, transfer and carry forward the volunteer spirit of Learning Lei Feng.On February 10, Heping Community organized an activity called “Social School, Life Classroom — Bengbu No. 2 Middle School’s social practice”, in which community staff led students to carry out a series of activities including epidemic prevention and control publicity and patriotic health campaign.Students dressed in red vests, led by community workers, entered the community to publicize knowledge of epidemic prevention and control and spread tips to residents.Post epidemic prevention and control billboards in the community publicity board to remind residents that they do not have to leave Mussel and do not leave the province. If there are people returning to Mussel from other provinces, they should report to the community immediately. They must do a good job of personal protection after the Spring Festival holiday when there is a large flow of people.Students not only participated in the epidemic prevention and control publicity, but also carried out patriotic health campaigns.With tools in hand, we cleaned up the debris in the road surface and green belt of the community, and put the bicycles parked randomly at the entrance of the corridor neatly.Through our joint efforts, the area of the environment has changed significantly.Through this practice activity, let the teenagers experience the spirit of dedication, friendship and mutual assistance while serving the society in practical action, passing on the positive energy of the society, but also better inherit the spirit of Lei Feng, showing the elegant demeanor of the harmonious community.(Wei Sihan)