Chen Meng 3 times!Sun Yingsha 3 times!WTT official announcement to celebrate Wang Manyu’s birthday, Liu Guoliang women’s singles answer

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After the macau championship, the Chinese table tennis players enjoyed a short vacation this year, and they can go home and have a good rest with their families during the Spring Festival.But after the New Year, guo Ping will soon regroup and throw itself into the preparation process of the new cycle.This year, we all know that the competition task of The National Table Tennis Team is still very heavy, especially the Team World Table Tennis Championships to be held in Chengdu in April, which will be a key event for the national Table Tennis team to prepare for this year.It can be said that like the Olympic Games, the Chinese table tennis team competition is absolutely no loss, must be the first event in 2022, the Chinese table tennis must show results.Only in this way can we stabilize the position of the New Year and suppress the fantasies of other teams.Especially Japan, Japanese women we see beauty of ITO, cheng has been in the phase of retreat after the end of the world, in addition to Japan’s tournament, did not participate in any international events, and in some time ago, ITO beauty honestly said it out of the mixed doubles, the future will not appear in the mixed doubles projects,So it looks like she made up her mind this time.Of course, we don’t care whether ITO is bluffing or really developed a skill, for the Japanese team we must focus on prevention.The women’s team, in particular, can’t give them any chances, and a clean sheet can’t give them a chance to score.So this is also the world Table Tennis team competition preparation purpose, China team needs this sword.When it comes to the new cycle and the big game in the New Year, China Table tennis also needs to establish a new core system. After all, the current trend of China Table tennis shift is very clear.As for the men’s team, we don’t have many choices. At present, Fan Zhendong deserves the title. Although Fan Zhendong didn’t win the men’s singles in Macao Championship, it doesn’t affect his position, so to speak, at the end of Ma Long’s career, Fan Zhendong is preparing to take over the men’s team.Compared with the less fierce competition of the men’s team, wang Manyu of the women’s team was able to take over the women’s team with her real strength.So after the Tokyo Olympic Games, I believe we have seen wang Man Yu’s progress. After the Olympic Games, Wang Man Yu has won prizes in competitions for many times in succession, and the most abundant singles championship of the World Table Tennis Championships was also won by her. Her personal strength can be said to be very explosive, and he definitely deserves this honor.Today is also Wang Man Yu’s birthday, and the official of WTT World Table Tennis Federation has specially made a video celebrating her birthday.In the video, there are some wonderful moments of Wang Man Yu in the competition. From this video, we can see wang Man Yu’s excellent performance in recent years.It is worth mentioning that in this video, Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha, as Wang Man Yu’s teammates in The guoping, are also her direct competitors, and they have become Wang Man Yu’s background for three times each.Especially in the world Table Tennis championships in direct confrontation, is repeated many times.And surely the World Table Tennis Federation to do this video for Wang Man Yu’s birthday is also targeted, choose this wonderful moment, is to let everyone remember Wang Man Yu’s most glorious time, but also to tell the Country Ping.Wang Manyu is worthy of Liu Guoliang and Guo Ping’s trust. It can be said that in the world Table Tennis Championships, Wang Manyu can play the no.1 singles player and help The country Ping to play a big role. We also look forward to wang Manyu’s excellent performance.