Balipu town: strict supervision help spring thunder escort action

2022-04-30 0 By

On February 8, as the serious “strict control, keep peace and maintaining stability” thunderbolt, escort operations, the whole town during the Spring Festival emergency management earnestly, led by town discipline inspection commission joint town, town police station emergency management for key enterprises within their respective jurisdictions, fireworks sales point for centralized supervision and problems found in the inspection to the rectification timely urge for improvement,On the street without a license to operate fireworks stand inspection, business owners are required to immediately stop selling, will not listen to the dissuasion of the sale of fireworks scene detained.”Please send the name and photo of the person on duty to the wechat group…”The discipline inspection Commission of Balipu Town supervised the on-duty situation of all the villages in the area through the big screen of the town emergency management command center and the wechat group scheduling. During the inspection, it was found that the snow clearing of some villages was not timely, which seriously affected the service of the masses and the appearance of the village. It immediately urged the rectification of the problems found.The next step, the town commission for Discipline inspection will continue to increase the strength of supervision, supervision and rectification implementation is not thorough, duty is not in place, the degree of attention is not enough cadres work interview;We will hold those responsible for the formalism and bureaucratism of cheating and fudging at work to account.We will strengthen the supervision and inspection on duty during the Spring Festival, and seriously deal with problems such as leaving the post and commanding villages by telephone and wechat remote control.(Yu Rui) Source by Lintao Discipline Inspection Network chief editor by Kang Jian audit by Liu Yaguo editor by Zhao Yanlei