3 family flow fairy novels, the protagonist through the thorns and lead the family to become the supreme

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Today’s wonderful novels are: 3 stories about the immortal family, in which the protagonist fights his way and leads his family to become the supreme.The first book: “The way of immortal spirit” author: Shang Shen brief comment: ordinary children of small family, there is not enough resources of immortal cultivation, there is no outstanding talent, can only rely on their own struggle, break a road of immortal cultivation.Painting character, xiu xian.Into the pit guide: “Ming yan, I for you block Zhou Xuan deep, you hurry up walk!”Yu Huai ‘an drank loudly. His face turned red and streaks of blue-white flames roared from inside him.This is more than the second order alchemists are practicing a secret method, all display this secret alchemists are impossible to live, because this secret method is to let alchemists body self explosion, to achieve the same attack and gold Dan friar self explosion gold Dan.Yu Huai ‘an is a monk of the eighth layer of the foundation. He uses this secret method to self-destruct his body, and the power of self-destruct can already threaten the monk of The golden Dan who just entered the golden Dan.Zhou Xuanshen is not a fool, he can feel yu Huai ‘an now contains the power of terror, this power makes him terrified, if he was attacked by the power, he absolutely can not live.So Zhou Xuanshen did not choose to meet yu Huaian’s fatal blow, he chose to escape, he saw yu Huaian this situation can not be maintained for too long, as long as he insisted on a while, Yu Huaian’s attack can not attack and break.Yu Huai ‘an and Zhou Xuan – shen are built base eight – layer repair, just in terms of war, Yu Huai – an is weaker than Zhou Xuan – shen.But now Yu Huai ‘an has reported the determination to die, hair and stimulate the potential of the body, coupled with the role of the secret law, resulting in his speed than Zhou Xuan shen even a few minutes faster.(Click the card to read for free) The second book: “The Family of Blue Melodies” author: A View of The Mo Brief comments: a dynasty of a small family of buddhist monks, under the joint efforts of Chen Zi mo and his clansmen, step by step, eventually become a family of buddhist monks, standing at the peak of the buddhist circle.(Family flow xiuxian, no system!)Please be warned that chapters 6 to 9 May make you feel childish and toxic, so you can skip them and consider them as a collection of ghosts and corpses.Into the pit guide: the situation to this point, the transaction is certainly not to go down.The meaning of middle-aged beautiful woman is also very clear, a hand in the money a hand out, no bargaining.There are lingshi, this Wuyang stone to take, no lingshi please leave, do not interfere with her business.If the buyer had been an ordinary friar or a sensible man, the matter might have ended there.The young friar, however, was neither common nor sensible.Young monk is called Zhao Qingjie, it is the children of zhao home of Five head mountain, an accidental opportunity broke the body, the spirit root qualification that adds oneself is not too good also, absolutely built the idea of base.After that, he often went back and forth to the land of wind flowers, mixed with the dandyish children of other fairy families, drank and enjoyed themselves, and lived a handsome dandyish life.Although Zhao Qingjie dandyish, but also clear weight, at ordinary times are just with his those evil friends drink a little wine together, blow cowhide, and then go to the wind flower land.Street bullying city, forced buying and selling, Zhao Qingjie has not done, a mark sand square city is jointly held by six forces, jiutou Mountain Zhao is not the strongest of the six forces, can only row to the middle position.(click the card free reading) the third: “Long Life road line” author: a bai eat brief comments: long life road pedestrians are few, only fairies and Taoism.A refining period of the small monk out of the family, set foot on the boundless fairy road story.Into the pit guide: often years to the jade ultimatum projection out of zhengyang zong map on a point, pointing to close after also Kunshan geomorphology map, “can be determined?”Kunshan geomorphological map also close, Zhang Shiping see more clearly, and kunshan halfway up the hill in the cloud, the top of the mountain hidden in the fog, the scenery, the mountain and in the work of fatigue and the farmer, the distance a few black spots, is the godsworn are flying drive device, as if this blue jade die also kunshan current scene projection.There were five lower first-order Mountains nearby, with stars arching around them, and a river flowing along the foothills from a distant river.On the banks of the river are long, narrow paddy fields, which are very green. On the lower, flat paddy fields, where rice is grown, and on the higher ones, crops such as beans are grown, everything looks good.Zhang Shiping heard the master so asked, but also thought that there was any problem with the lingshan, or what taboo, and asked the often master teacher uncle.Only then did he realize that this kind of Yekunshan had been included in the scope of the clan for nearly ten years, and there was not enough spirit planting on it, and there were about ten other spiritual mountains better than Yekunshan in zhengyang Sect.The geographical location is also relatively close to the Flag cloud over there, of course, there are several jin Dan family as a buffer zone, the two sides of the door border is not bordering.(Click the card for free reading) The above pictures are from the network, if the infringement, please contact me to delete, to bring you no convenience, please understand, thank you.If you have a good book, you are welcome to leave a message to me, like the attention to small make up not lost, remember to collect oh, update every day, bid farewell to the shortage of books.