This winter coat popular “short three inches”, down jacket so choose just senior, wear warm and spirit

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Share the most classic fashion wear, let you in the four seasons can give a high-level sense of beauty, women never lack of attraction, only lack of skills to inspire charm, will wear, let you become a tasteful elegant woman!Every year, there is no down jacket fashion. Down jacket has changed from a warm item into a fashionable item favored by fashion fashionistas. Fabric design, color design and style design have become more diverse.In the past, we prefer to wear long down jacket, because the advantages of long style design are more intuitive, such as keeping warm, showing the figure, enhancing the air field, etc., but the expression of long style down jacket is single, and it cannot show the characteristics and advantages of image collocation from multiple angles.So this year quickly adjust their wear, this year’s popular is “short three inches” wear, that is, down jacket to choose short, short can show the collocation of lower clothes, lower body trend collocation also has an impact on the image charm, can show the wearing personality and trend charm.Many fashion trendsetters and star models wore short coats early, matching different clothes and showing differentiated style characteristics.This winter coat popular “short three inches”, down jacket so choose just senior, wear warm and spirit.The long down jacket is out of favor, and the short one is stylish, sophisticated and glamorous, and will be worn this way in 2022.Thin down jacket short down jacket has thin style, this style can meet the beauty of women’s fashion wear needs.A regular down jacket is big and fluffy, which inevitably makes it look chubby. The lightweight model can solve this problem.The thin down jacket reduces the thickness of the down jacket and can be used as a base for fashionable jackets or as a coat over fashionable clothes.The design of the short bread jacket has a strong contrast with the thin down jacket. The bread jacket is heavier and more fluffy, while the short jacket design strengthens the fluffy feeling of the bread jacket and looks more exaggerated.The short design can also avoid the overall body expansion, so that the down jacket wearing more personality, but also more lively, to avoid the overall image charm are affected.Short down jacket collocation short down jacket + dress Short down jacket collocation dress can combine the trend temperament, fashion charm and warm fashion, showing the comprehensive charm of wearing.Tie-in the dress of what type, want to decide according to the design characteristic of down jacket.If the hem of the down jacket is loose, it can be matched with a straight skirt or a whole skirt that is very loose to avoid reducing the cleanliness of wearing.If the hem of the down jacket is loose, you can wear it with a waist-in skirt or one with a tight upper body to enhance the sweetness of the outfit.Short style down jacket + short style half skirt Short style down jacket and half skirt wear matching degree is higher, top and half skirt are separate, increase the diversity of collocation, improve the match degree of clothing combination.The design of half skirt had better not be too publicity, the mini skirt is not suitable for short down jacket, straight skirt, a-line skirt combination will be better, wear delicate and neat, but also special personality.The advantages of short down jacket with slit pants are particularly intuitive. Slit pants are often used in super long pants, which can ensure the accurate display of slit fashion charm. Slit pants not only show the length of legs, but also make the legs look slimner.A short down jacket can add contrast to slit pants. It makes the upper body look more delicate and mini, so it accentuates the effect of longer legs.Short down jacket + wide-leg pants wide-leg pants are versatile pants, dressed natural and unrestrained, its wearing temperament and down jacket design is similar, the collocation effect will be very good, temperament will not produce a sense of exclusion.The combination of wide-leg pants and shorts and down jacket is suitable for women with slightly fat or thick legs, so that the figure looks more attractive and the image advantage will be enhanced.Lightweight and simple yoga pants are loved by hipsters in Europe and the United States. Yoga pants are a kind of tight-legged sweatpants, which are elastic and easy to move. Pants are neat to wear, without wrinkles on the surface, showing the charm of delicate wear.Yoga pants are best worn with a lightweight down jacket to avoid contrast and seasonality.Short down jacket + nine minutes pants short down jacket and nine minutes pants collocation belongs to the refreshing wear combination, nine minutes pants belong to a short pants, and short down jacket can show the image of neat, wear not boring.Nine-minute pants can match a sense of vitality, but also to shape the body, the characteristics of high or quite obvious.Wear a short down jacket with cropped pants for a stylish, vibrant look.The short down jacket has a different fashion charm. It is refreshing and simple to wear for the New Year and not dull. It can ensure that the temperament is displayed and the temperature is suitable for wearing.There are many ways to match short down jackets. All kinds of skirt suits and trousers suits can show their image advantages, but the way of shaping is different. You can choose collocation according to your own characteristics to highlight fashion temperament.Master the seasonal fashion elements and become a stylish person with exquisite clothes!Do not play lofty, only speak the most down-to-earth dry goods skills, so that you are closer and closer to fashion.Welcome to share fashion insights and insights!