Pesticide residue on vegetables and fruits, can be cleared with white vinegar cleaning?Myth Myth: 2 tips to be familiar with

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Fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a good diet and provide essential vitamins and nutrients for good health.Make them an important part of our diet.In the real world, however, most of us eat fruits and vegetables purchased from the market, and we have no idea how they are grown or what pesticides are used in the process.Because of this, most people are very worried about pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, and how to clean them.Some people say salt and baking soda;Also some people say to use white vinegar, so in numerous cleaning way, which kind is the best in the end?Let’s take a look.A team at Tufts University used a detailed national database of more than 8,000 foods and drinks consumed in the United States.54 categories of characteristics were assessed and scored in nine areas (nutrient ratio, vitamin/mineral, protein, lipid, etc.) for a total of 1 (lowest health) to 100 (highest).Foods are also selected based on nutritional characteristics associated with obesity and diabetes, major cardiovascular and cardiovascular lifestyle-related diseases, and the risk of malnutrition, especially for infants, mothers and the elderly.When we finally looked at all the foods and drinks, we found three high-scoring food groups.The healthiest were “vegetables” (mean 69.1), “fruits” (73.9) and “beans/nuts/seeds” (78.6).Especially since almost all raw fruit scored 100 points.According to this score, the healthiest foods are fruits and vegetables.Pesticide residue on vegetables and fruits, can be cleared with white vinegar cleaning?Many people believe that vegetables and fruits contain pesticide residues, which can be removed by adding white vinegar to water.Other popular methods on the Internet include using baking soda and salt solution in addition to vinegar.In practice, these are not proper cleaning methods because these compounds increase the ionic strength of the solution and because of the wide variety of pesticides, these compounds sometimes enhance the adsorption of the pesticide, making it difficult to clean.After all, pesticides are acidic, neutral and alkaline, while vinegar is acidic and baking soda is alkaline. Neutral pesticides do not change solubility due to the addition of acid or alkali, but if it is acidic pesticides, adding acid will make it difficult to dissolve, and conversely, alkaline pesticides adding alkali will also reduce its solubility.In other words, there are many kinds of pesticides, and various chemical structures may produce different metabolites due to different removal methods.On the other hand, since we do not know the type or nature of pesticides used at the time of planting, the cleaning method we use can not be generalized.In addition, the surface of fruits and vegetables itself more or less have natural wax, these natural fruit wax not only protect fruits and vegetables, reduce the effect of water evapotranspiration, but also observe whether improper pesticide application clues.If you deliberately remove the natural wax from the surface of fruits and vegetables, although they will be brighter, they may also remove more nutrients and make them less durable.In an experimental test, the experiment is to take a basin of water to add vinegar, mixed evenly after soaking strawberries and apples, another basin of water using pure vinegar soaking strawberries and apples, after 10 minutes to 1 hour, did not see vinegar can dissolve wax phenomenon.Actually, we think carefully to be able to understand, the wax on general fruit is hydrophobic, belong to lipid material, the solubility of water is very poor, even if the way of using water to add vinegar is cleaned, it is very difficult to clean.Generally speaking, the wax on the fruit of regular source is edible wax more, do not cause harm to health, we also can be at ease edible.If we are really worried, we can choose to peel.How to wash vegetables and fruits to wash pesticides clean?We all know that fruits and vegetables need to be washed before we can eat them.But in real life, there are many ways to wash fruits and vegetables.When we use the wrong cleaning method, fruits and vegetables are not healthy, on the contrary, it can harm our health.So, how do we wash, can wash out healthy vegetables and fruits?In general, do 2 or healthier.According to Colorado State University’s Guide to the Handling of Fresh Produce, it’s best to wash fruits and vegetables with water. Running water is the best way.Before we eat vegetables and fruits, we can wash them with running water, remove the skin of the fruit that can be peeled, and use a soft brush to help wash the gaps.In addition, they buy on the market of detergent most claim to remove the effect of pesticides, in fact they are not better than the effect of tap water, sometimes we have to worry about fruits and vegetables in the detergent surfactants quadratic residues, it is recommended that wash fruits and vegetables, the available water rinse fruits and vegetables at least 30 seconds, knead with friction or washing way.As we all know, there are many kinds of pesticides, which can be classified into contact and systemic pesticides according to the way of application. Contact pesticides are applied to the surface of crops and can be washed away easily. It is generally recommended that you soak them for one minute and then rinse them with water two or three times.Systemic pesticides are applied to the soil for absorption by plants. Since pesticides are not on the surface of crops, they cannot be removed by rinsing. However, blanching or cooking can remove more than 90% of the pesticides.