Bowing and scraping “centralization” process Hengyang city started the “centralization of the year” action

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February 7, the first working day of the year of the Tiger, Hengyang city held a “centralization of the year” action mobilization conference.Rednet moment Hengyang February 7 news (reporter Wang Min) that the start of the New Year, that is, the start of the war!First working day on February 7, the year of the tiger, hengyang held “cohesion centralized GongJianNian” operation arouses congress, calling for the whole city unswervingly to speed up the process of centralized, speed up the construction of genuine national regional key city and provincial deputy center city, to the city’s release, scratching, big industry, big project, catch big projects a strong signal.Hengyang Party secretary Qin Guowen attended the meeting and speech, Hengyang Deputy Party secretary, Mayor Zhu Jian chaired the meeting.2021, Hengyang city gather force construction of national regional key city, provincial sub-central city, accelerate the “three strong” construction, in-depth implementation of “industrial project construction year” “investment promotion” activities, especially the launch of major innovation projects “five system a platform” and special class working mechanism,Promoting investment and project construction to achieve positive results — the annual fixed asset investment exceeded 240 billion yuan, up 9.5%, ranking the fourth in the province;The 52 key projects in Heng Province completed the annual planned investment of 135.1%, an increase of 76.3%;131.7% of the planned annual investment in 281 municipal key projects was completed;There are 15 industrial projects in 17 individual projects in balance, accounting for 88%, ranking the first in the province;The total investment scale in more than 1 billion yuan of industrial projects 41, Hengzhou Avenue digital economic corridor, Hengyang Hongdian new energy intelligent manufacturing circular economy industrial park and a number of major industrial projects to accelerate;Lead Pai new energy 15 billion watt hour high energy ratio cell project, high-tech zone entrepreneurship center, mobile Internet industrial park, Shaoeng paper project, Xiangnan textile industry base phase a standard workshop, Huachen logistics park phase a 65 major industrial projects completed to reach production, is expected to increase annual output value of 72 billion yuan……In the New Year, Hengyang city will further strengthen the “industry than strength, to the project hero” oriented, strive to the city’s fixed investment growth of more than 12%, the implementation of major construction projects more than 320, complete investment of more than 110 billion yuan.Vigorously develop “one nuclear two electricity three color four new” major industry, the introduction and implementation of the nuclear industry metal powder project, TBEa electrician gathered 5G technology industrial park, Shuikoushan copper lead zinc industrial base extension, Hong New power battery project, Hengyang International logistics port phase I and other 150 project construction.Hengzhou Avenue digital economy corridor construction as the lead, accelerate the implementation of high-tech headquarters base, mobile 5G cloud data center, Hengyang data center, mushroom car intelligent network car technology industrial park, Yanfeng big data industrial park, 5G base station construction and other digital economy demonstration projects, to create a digital economy pilot zone.Around major industrial chains, counties, urban districts and industrial parks will try their best to attract a number of major projects of chain extension, chain complement, chain expansion and strong chain, and strive to introduce 15 projects of “Top 500 enterprises of three categories” throughout the year. The amount of foreign capital actually used will increase by more than 10%.”If we look at the campaign as a long-distance race, today’s rally is the starting gun.”Qin Guowen said, to promote the “centralization” process, all hengyang people need to work together, fully mobilize the wisdom and strength of all aspects.Leading officials at all levels should take the lead and set an example by earnestly studying and solving key issues within the scope of their duties.Party members and cadres should take the initiative and work hard to shoulder heavy burdens in project construction and grassroots governance.Entrepreneurs to home country feelings, solid enterprise, take root in Hengyang, hengyang construction;The masses to give full play to the main role of the construction of Hengyang, so that everything is connected with the “central” construction, everyone for the “central” construction to contribute.The meeting reported the city’s project investment situation;The principal persons in charge of the county (city) district, municipal park and municipal platform company submitted the letter of commitment for the construction of major projects.