Yanxujia hot search, suspected and national sister Zhang Zifeng association, was photographed by the media with home

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February 14 evening, entertainment can be too busy, did not think of the male idol Yanxu Jia quietly on the hot search, know the reason of the net friend angrily: eldest brother, several times?On the night of Valentine’s Day, Yanxu was photographed with a girl in a matching coat, returning to his residential area. The next morning, the girl came out of his apartment and left alone.See this scene, the net friend sad message said: last time secretly love, not to say that later to concentrate on study and work, will not be involved in feelings, this just past how long ah, and changed a?Some people said: look at the woman’s appearance, yanxu jia is very familiar with the place, should have come many times.Xiaobian believes that the reason why fans feel angry should be that love can be freely admitted, while comforting fans to focus on their career and create a single boyfriend, while enjoying the pleasure of secret love, really hurt those who spend a lot of money for his fans, right?Originally thought this is just a “collapsed” small love beans not painful gossip, but did not expect, On the morning of February 16, Zhang Zifeng’s name was sent to hot search, and Yanxujia’s name side by side, know the reason of the net friends are very surprised, have shouted: not it, why so hard?It turned out that Yanxu Jia was taken home by the valentine’s Day girl, some netizens through the girl’s dress and running posture, speculated that the girl is the strength of the new generation after 00 actress Zhang Zifeng.See this, a netizen message said: no, sister run, do not gossip with him ah, he is unreliable!Sister, why do you have to take things too hard?You two don’t deserve each other!However, amid the bitter opposition, some netizens also said: “They are both 20 years old, in the beginning of love, what’s wrong with dating?Think the net friend tube is too wide, the fans haven’t said anything yet.Now the hot search list is still hanging son Maple sister name, so far, either Yanxu Jia or Zhang Zifeng, no one out to respond to the hot search, we think this girl is her?Share your thoughts in the comments section!