Xigu District of Lanzhou city and Lanzhou Petrochemical company held a new era civilization practice activity

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The original title: fu can games on February 17, the future China gansu network According to lanzhou daily report in the Beijing Olympic Games in full swing, amid February 15th afternoon, west of lanzhou city district party committee propaganda department of fixation with petrochina lanzhou petrochemical company party committee propaganda department jointly held a fu can games on the future new era civilization practice thematic education activity.The activity was held in the petroleum spiritual education base of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company.Field, the interpretation of more than 40 students follow the narrator know lanzhou petrochemical 60 years of development history, feel the splendid history of the reform and development of lanzhou petrochemical business, understand the enterprise for the national economic construction, national defense construction made outstanding contributions and concise form the spirit of enterprise, the children received a special patriotism education;In addition, with the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics as the theme, the children performed guzheng, guitar, rap, allegro and other programs, and impromptu art creation such as painting and clay sculpture.Through the development of this educational activity, the majority of students further inherit the national spirit, Olympic spirit, enrich the spiritual life of minors, broaden and strengthen the patriotism education of minors, guide minors to establish correct values.Especially through understanding lanzhou Petrochemical Company in the 60 years of development, in the economy, culture, science and technology and other aspects of the great contribution to the national economy and other aspects, enhance the minors love the motherland, love their hometown, the construction of their hometown sense of mission and responsibility.Full media reporter Liu Chao, Special correspondent Liu Yanzhi, correspondent Zhao Pengwen/photo